Best Free Printable Road Trip Planners – Quick Guide

Heard of free printer road trip planners? Is there a particular one you have tried before? Well, get yourself a drink and a chair. Relax and let me just elaborate on some juicy ideas for you.

Is there a website to map out road trips?

Yes, there are websites to map out road trips and I am going to suggest about 5 of them

We have;

  • Google Maps

For a good reason, people need a reliable navigation tool on their phones.  google maps are one of the frequently used apps with real-time updates and traffic conditions. You can plan your route to your destination and estimate how long upon arrival.

  • Road Trippers

This app allows you to plan your journey, communicate with your friends and family. You get to know certain stops on your route like restaurants, hotels, and more. this is a free app and is available on Android and iOS.

  • Waze

With this app, you can navigate to unfamiliar places like a local, with real-time updates that can help you avoid traffic jams, construction, and more.

No one wishes to spend hours stuck in traffic instead of exploring, therefore the app takes data from other drivers to simplify your experience while assisting you in getting to where you are going. It is available on iOS and Android.

  • Gas Buddy

This app assists you in finding the most affordable gas stations to pay less when filling your tank.

It can also be used to alert other drivers of the various fuel prices as you journey on. Also available on android and iOS.

  • Airbnb

Trying all means to plan your trips? Airbnb is one of the best free printable road trip planners. This app enables you to find places to lodge for either a day or helps you to book vacation houses. You can book rental homes in advance or for an immediate house to sleep in. this app is available on iOS and Android.

Does google have a road trip planner?

Google maps are road trip planners on their has features in which you can plan your daily itinerary.

To plan a trip, you can open google maps on your device by just clicking on your desired location then you save. The save button looks like a bookmark and is located under the location’s name. Tap on the place you want to save as your destination. Open the list after saving on the app.

Now click on the location in your list and the map would give you directions. Quite simple to do right? So yes, Google has a road trip planner.

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How do I plan a road trip on google maps?

For you to plan a trip you have to firstly download the Google Maps app on your device.

  • After downloading, open google maps, click on your desired location in the location box then go to save.
  • The save button looks like a bookmark icon which is located right under the location’s name.
  • Tap on the place you would like to save as your destination. Open the list after saving on the app. Now click on the location in your list and the map will direct you.

Is very simple.

How do I organize my road trip itinerary?

To go on a road trip, you need to plan your journey.

Here are some ways you can plan your itinerary;

  • Pick a destination.

Road trips are for just a day’s experience so it is always advisable to choose a place closer to home. You can enjoy a new then later drive back home.

  • Select a path

Many individuals choose to take a beautiful vacation destination when taking a journey. To design a route, you should use mapping or the web.

Some travelers choose the return-back routes rather than the freeways. Although the roads might take you longer to even get to your destination, the scenery will be considerably more interesting.


  • Check your vehicle

Before you go on a trip, you need to make sure your vehicle is suitable to hit the road.

Some vehicles might not be suitable for road trips and these include large trucks, large SUVs, and vans.

You need to choose a vehicle that has an awesome gas mileage in order not to spend much on the road.

  • Get checked

When planning a road trip, you need to get a mechanic to check for problems before hitting the

road. Check your oil and change it if needed, check your wiper fluid, your lights, and tyres to make sure everything functions properly.

This will reduce your chances of getting stranded whiles on your journey.

  • Stops should be planned

It is necessary to predict that you will need to make stops every 2 to 3 hours while traveling. Check if there are parks, stores, cities, or restaurants on the road that you would want to visit. this makes the road trip exciting.

  • Add some fun to the party

A driver must maintain constant focus on the road whiles driving. On the other hand, passengers might be in for some excitement along the route. You can carry Mp3 players, crossword puzzles, a Pen drive with music on it, magazines, books or you can play songs from your phone via Bluetooth. This will make the trip fun.

Do Apple maps have a Route planner?

Yes, Apple maps have a route planner. In 2012, apple maps were released to assist people from moving from one destination to the next. It has easy-to-read, location icon air quality reports, and more.

Let’s see how to use apple maps on your iPhone, Mac computer, or iPad.

  • Go to apple maps, open and click maps, then go to preferences. under preferences, you will see the following options i.e., preference transport type, driving default options, cycling default options, and transit default options.
  • Select a route by entering your location in the search box after opening maps on your device. You can also pick one option from your favorites.
  • To display location details, tap the spot on the map.
  • Now tap on create a route and enter your destination in the To box.

Voila! you are done. there’s also an option to set your driving options, this is to help you avoid tolls or highways. You have got all the best free printable road trip planners.