3 lifestyle changes to help you increase weight

3 lifestyle changes to help you increase weight

Gaining weight may sound like an easy task that requires no effort. But your workout buddy trying to build muscles will tell you that it is easier to lose weight than to gain it in the right way. You can lose weight by cutting down calories and increasing active time. It requires consistent and conscious efforts to choose quality of food over junk and empty calories.

People with a fast metabolism cannot put on weight or store fats and are highly underweight. And how to know if you are underweight? If your BMI is less than 18, then you need to work on your body and daily habits to reach the ideal weight for your height. Remember small tweaks make a big difference over time.

Here are three ways to turn around your life and gain/maintain that healthy muscle mass on yourself.

1. Eat what makes you healthy: Food to gain weight.

1.  Eat what makes you healthy: Food to gain weight.

    1. Putting on weight is the simple matter of consuming more calories than you expend each day. Eating calorie-dense food that sustains you and is healthy for your body is the trick.
    2. Carbs: Carbohydrates are complex sugars broken into glucose to provide an uninterrupted supply of energy to the body.
      1. Your plate must contain 50% of carbohydrates for you to gain weight. These carbs are then broken down in the body to form sugars.
      2. Consuming more carbs on a daily basis will lead to the liver storing the excess sugars in the form of glucose which is a good way of gaining weight. But an excess carb diet may lead to unhealthy weight.
      3. An excellent way to balance it out is by reducing the carbon on your plate to 25% once you’ve reached your weight goal. Try to consume more complex carbs and no refined carbs.
      4. Eat more Beans, Green veggies, Oats, Potatoes, Whole grains and fewer cakes and sugary treats. Whole grain bread, cereals, bars and granolas are other options.
    3. Protein: Protein combined with carbs forms a complex structure that consumes a lot of energy to convert into simple sugars for the body to absorb. Hence, when you are trying to gain weight, reserve 25% of the meal for a protein source combined with fat and protein.
      1. For example, a glass of milk, cheese, yoghurt, or red meat, protein shakes or smoothies with bananas will help you put on weight without effort.
    4. Fats: The final food group that contributes to a good or lousy weight gain is fats. You can consume a lot of fat that is calorie-dense and easy to build upon. But you must consume healthy fats instead of the other type that may cause health-related problems like the build-up of fat tissues that may push on other organs and cause heart distress. Nuts and nut butter, butter, olive oil, coconut oil, avocados, whole fat yoghurt are some of the preferred options.

2. Supplements to gain weight:

2. Supplements to gain weight

    1. In addition to three primary food sources, carbs, proteins and fats, the human body is made up of minerals, vitamins, nutrients present in trace amounts but are essential for the overall health and maintenance of the body.
    2. Weight gainers: consuming weight gainers boosts hunger and allows the body to intake and manage more food to store and bulk up. Apetamin syrup allows you to gain body mass at the right places and enhances the curves along your body.
    3. Vitamin capsules: regular intake of vitamins shields you from the body’s overtime damage and wear and tear. They are responsible for a robust immune system and your body’s quick response to foreign intruders. They are responsible for growth, cellular repairments, metabolism and digestion. They maintain the texture of your skin, colour, nails, hair and eyes.
    4. Creatine: for people who are focused on weight gain and muscle building, creatine is an easy answer. It supplies you with rapid energy and an amount of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), a neurotransmitter for high brain power that you can use to lift weights and exercise extensively. In addition, it retains water and activates cell hydration. Creatine is advised in small amounts to people who want to gain muscle mass with exercise and workout.

3. Habits to gain weight:

Habits to gain weight:

    1. Workout: Working out to gain weight sounds counterproductive but stay with it for a moment. Working out causes the body to train the muscles to consume more energy and ask for more. As a result, it increases hunger and the body’s food requirements for energy supply, muscle repair and muscle build. A specific body weight and weighted exercises group will help you gain and maintain a healthy muscle without making you sluggish.
    2. Exercise will help distribute the weight you gain in an even fashion, without bulking up at any particular body part. Try pushups, pullups, lunges, squats, bench press, and avoid fat burning exercises like cardio and aerobics. Instead, move on to lifting weights to bulk up in the right places.
    3. Eating regularly: Avoid skipping meals or overeating in one sitting. Distribute food over the period of 24 hours for a regular supply of energy and nutrients to the body. For example, if you skip breakfast, the body receives the signal of scarcity, and it starts burning out the fat source to keep your body functioning. On the contrary, an excellent balanced breakfast rejuvenates the body with new energy sources, storing it for later use.
    4. Reduce stress: Manage your stress like you manage your routine: with time and focused efforts to do more work, be productive and efficient. Stress causes confusion in the body and reduces the ability to generate fuel, and instead starts burning fat to help maintain the brain working smoothly.
    5. Get enough sleep: Sleep is necessary for de-stressing and repairing the body of any damage over the day. The digestive system is not at rest and works to deliver the fats and proteins to the muscles and tissues to store the extra nutrients.


Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Work right and eat right to gain weight and retain it by regular activity and lifestyle changes. Be determined and focus on your weight goals. Remember that whatever you eat persuades a reaction from your body, depending on what you eat. Choose to eat healthy over empty calories to put on the correct weight without losing your efficient working habits.