Certbolt Salesforce Developer Certification Track: Which Badge Is Best for You and Are There Any Reasons to Use Exam Dumps?

Certbolt Salesforce Developer Certification Track: Which Badge Is Best for You and Are There Any Reasons to Use Exam Dumps?

There are a lot of specialists who want to become the certified developers with various skills. And with a wide range of certifications available in the market today, any new person who is going to pursue a career in the field can get what he/she wants. If you are interested in Salesforce, you can find a whole list of badges on its official website. In this article, we will cover all the Certbolt SalesForce Developer Certification that any student can obtain. This will help you choose the one you like depending on what kind of skills and applications interest you.

Salesforce Developer Certifications

Salesforce Developer Certifications

Salesforce has designed 6 certificates for the developers, and each of them is focused on a specific technology. So, you can choose one from the following:

  • B2C Commerce Developer

This credential is ideal for those individuals who want to showcase their skills in Commerce Cloud Digital for Salesforce.

  • JavaScript Developer I

It is among the most popular choices within the Salesforce range of badges. It is designed for those developers who have experience in designing front-end as well as back-end JavaScript applications. These apps are aimed at web stack and are used with technologies related to JavaScript.

  • Marketing Cloud Developer

If you are a holder of this badge, this means that you have experience in designing applications across the platform. It involves creating personalized, dynamic messages, as well as landing pages. The Exan-Labs Salesforce Developer Certification also are fluent in scripting languages for Cloud.

  • Platform App Builder

The certified platform app builders are the developers whose level of expertise enables them to design, build, and implement custom applications. They will be utilizing declarative capabilities for customization that are readily availed by Salesforce.

  • Platform Developer I

As a developer with this Salesforce certificate, you will be developing and deploying procedural business logic as well as interfaces using the Lightning Platform’s programmatic potential.

  • Platform Developer II

Those individuals who have this certification are skilled and experienced in using advanced programmatic potential of Salesforce as well as data modelling. Their work is in developing complex logic as well as interfaces for business.

The Salesforce Developer skills highlight one’s overall mastery in a particular role. They offer the best way for the students to be identified for the specific jobs as well as projects. For any of the Salesforce Developer badges, the individuals will come across 60 multiple-choice questions during the prerequisite test. Except for the Platform Developer II exam, which runs for 120 minutes, they all have the time duration of 105 minutes. The passing score ranges between 63% and 70%. The cost for each test is $200.

Preparation for Salesforce Developer Certification Exams

The Salesforce Developer tests have instructor-led training courses, which have been designed with the targeted skills in mind. Also, there are other self-study resources, such as exam dumps and books, which can be of great assistance to one’s preparation. Braindumps provide the learners with techniques to face the test and prepare their mind to go through it without fear. There are also practice tests that you can take before the actual exam to evaluate your knowledge.


The Salesforce Developer credentials are in demand all over the world. If you want to be on the right side, make sure you pick the option that addresses your skill requirements and the specific role that you prefer. The development world is a bit competitive but with the right Salesforce certification, you are going to stand out. Your skills and competency will matter at the end of the day. So, make sure you get it right with the appropriate badge!