Automation testing technique is used by various developers and testers around the world to increase their website’s responsiveness. It is a form of manual testing with zero human efforts i.e. no human intervention for running your test cases, thus decreasing the chances of errors. Sometimes you have to repeatedly execute your test cases which could be tiresome and extremely time-consuming thus automation testing comes to the rescue. To have your way, you need to search for some Selenium Tutorial Videos.

If you are naive, Selenium Tutorial Videos are necessary to keep you up. Automation testing allows you to record your test suite but you can also re-execute your test cases several times. It also eliminates ‘the getting bored factor’ for running the same test cases again and again thereby increasing the rates on investment. There is a wide array of applications of automation testing. It promises user acceptance as well as better internationalization. It also increases your accuracy and automation compatibility for wider coverage. But it becomes a challenging task to pick an automation tool for automation testing. You can’t randomly pick any tool if you want to reap maximum benefit. 

Hence some of the criteria to keep in mind while selecting an automation tool are the tools that support various types of tests, uses scripting language, can identify objects in every environment and it has a minimal training cost to give detailed test reports and results. Here ‘Selenium’ comes into the picture, a very popular automation testing framework for various web applications. 


Selenium is an open-source tool for automating the tests carried out on different web browsers like Firefox, Chrome etc. It is a cloud-based testing platform where testers can record their actions and export them as reusable scripts. Selenium becomes important as it is a very frequently asked question in a tech interview and you can start with learning Selenium Basics for Beginners.


Before diving right into the playlists you must be thinking why Selenium? Here are a few reasons to answer this:

  1. Easy to automate testing across web apps
  2. Supports a wide variety of languages like C, C++, Java, Python and Ruby etc
  3. It is easy to implement test cases
  4. It supports different operating systems like Mac, Windows and Linux. 
  5. It’s easy to learn
  6. It’s open-source which means you don’t have to pay for it.

Some important features of selenium: 

  1. It has an easy to use interface
  2. You can work with parallel execution which saves you a lot of time
  3. It only requires a few resources and there is no need for server installation.
  4. This has to be our favorite reason; the test scripts directly interact with the browser

10 years ago we had limited resources to learn selenium but today we have enough resources. It has become an absolute necessity for a quality assurance engineer to learn selenium made up of 4 components as of now they are:

  1. Selenium IDE
  2. Selenium RC
  3. Selenium WebDriver and 
  4. Selenium grid


What’s the hype about SELENIUM 4?


The Tool of parallel execution comes under selenium 4. The latest version comes with the W3C standard. The new bindings and protocols would make it very compatible to implement WebDriver across various platforms. Not only that, working in a selenium grid can be a little difficult when it comes to setting it up and running, thanks to selenium 4 for coming with an improved selenium grid. 

The new features of Selenium 4 add value to the testers and also to the developers. The official release of Selenium 4 is yet to be out but with a build like this, it is sure to be widely used. Hence it becomes indispensable to learn the basics of Selenium.

Therefore, we have come up with a list of the 11 best YouTube playlist for learning Selenium automation and its various components.


In a Selenium Tutorial Videos, has only one goal in mind: that you learn selenium without any doubt. It provides you with recordings and class notes. It can be a superb learning experience for you if you go through this online instructional exercise. The recent step by step playlist has about 89 videos to give you the detailed information. With such a framework you can hardly miss a detail. You can attempt this tutorial for a detailed version of selenium learning.


Selenium WebDriver is one of the components of selenium which is again an automation tool that has its expertise sought-after. Mastering Selenium WebDriver can make you compose awesome automation codes and expand your capacity in the market. Here comes Alan Richardson’s course which is simply very put together. The seminar provides an insightful video guide and learning materials. You won’t find such a course somewhere else. 


There are a lot of exercises provided in Dave Haeffner’s guidebook which gives a complete arrangement of automatized acceptance tests. It’s a gathering of his selenium tips and tricks which will help you to build your tech assets. You can purchase this book to give it a try as you also get an ebook, cheat sheets and video instructional exercises which will not only help you to prepare for your interviews but also in future for reference to various test cases. 


LambdaTest YouTube channel is made for beginners who are looking to learn automation testing from scratch. They have a range of videos on the automation testing framework. They have also provided selenium tutorials using Python and Java for total beginners to form a strong foundation of the basics. If you’re looking for a place to learn selenium from scratch this might just do it for you.


This channel is custom made for selenium enthusiasts. Their audio and video quality is top-notch. They have provided a very good hands-on knowledge as well as a theoretical aspect of the course. They have a full course of 8 hours for beginners to advanced level people. Including this they also have numerous 5 hours, 8 hours and as well as a 2-hour course on this channel on your time needs. Whichever time limit suits you the best you can opt for that tutorial on this channel.


Now if you are looking for a channel that provides not only selenium courses but selenium courses with different frameworks then look no more than Raghav Pal’s channel. He has compiled a beginner tutorial of 20 videos, 44 videos for Java framework on selenium,17 videos for selenium on python and 13 videos for selenium cucumber BDD framework with Java. It is a perfect place to gain some insightful knowledge on the workings of Selenium.


As the name suggests QA is the quality assurance hence you can rest assured that you will be provided with quality content on this channel. This online course will show you how to work in its instructional exercise without any preparation. It offers a full selenium-web driver course which is easily adaptable. You can read its eBooks on the web. On this channel, you get a very good grip of the test automation framework in under 60 minutes at the end of the video.


This channel is made for people wanting to become a full-fledged test automation engineer. Not only does it provide a selenium tutorial for beginners, but it also has a full course for about 12 hours to polish your techniques. It has selenium with python tutorial, DB testing with selenium, a crash course on selenium, IDE tutorial and Java tutorial with selenium. They also have a crash course for people who need to brush up their skills in Selenium. Not only that it has also provided selenium interview questions and answers for freshers to nail their interview.  


Made for people who want to write test cases substantially. This is again an incredible channel for testers who want to begin from basic fundamental ideas to make a change in selenium automation through cutting edge points. This channel has an example of using a selenium web driver plus an advanced selenium web driver training. If you want emotional support as well as technical support this channel is the right place for you


The USP of this channel is that you get to learn from individuals who use selenium across the web. You would learn here more than by going to an individual meeting. They share their tips and counselling on test computerization. You can completely learn from other people’s mistakes here to not make your own mistakes. If you want a chance to break into test automation then this channel is your spot.


This channel runs selenium academy 101 for getting started with selenium and it has selenium academy 201 for learning best practices. It also has videos on testing tools with selenium. Not only that, they have compiled a playlist of 11 videos of selenium integration. If you want to get started with selenium and learn cross-browser testing for your benefits smart bear might be the best place for you to start.

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In today’s fast-paced world testing is an active industry. There are talks about more efficient automation which not only provides security-related bugs but also can conduct both smoke and sanity testing. It becomes important because it has to take care of the smooth interaction of the various components of the user interface. Image testing, object identification, object mapping becomes an important part of choosing an automation testing tool that not only provides error recovery testing but also is easy to use. We believe Selenium is one such tool. As compared to before in today’s digitalized world you have a lot of resources to learn Selenium, some of our favourites were included in this list. 

LambdaTest Selenium Automation remains one good source to learn Selenium. The platform builds a deep learning experience with its Selenium playlist and certification sets. You can also schedule a free personalized demo to better understand the platform and its services.