WP 301 Redirects – the plugin every website needs

WP 301 Redirects – the plugin every website needs

As a visitor on a site, one of the worse experiences is stumbling across a bad link. You are reading an interesting article, found a link in it, you want to check it out, and bam – site not found. Suddenly number thirteen isn’t your only unlucky number- it is 404. And now the frustration in you is slowly cooking.

Or maybe you accidentally typed in the wrong address? You misspelled a word in it, and you aren’t on the site, but you want to be. That is also terrible – we know it, you know it.

As a site owner, you should feel the same way about this problem. Maybe you should be even more frustrated since you are probably losing traffic. Just imagine how many people got the 404 pages and just quit and went somewhere else.

It does not only affect traffic – it affects your loading speed, SEO, and user experience. All these things go hand in hand. Loading speed affects SEO, and bad SEO leads to the loss of organic traffic.

And we all know by now that organic traffic is the key to having a successful business.

If only there were a tool to help you with that. No worries, there is a plugin that will save you from these troubles. And we are going to cover all of the bits of it.

Let’s dive in

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WP 301 Redirects. 

The hero – WP 301 Redirects.

The Review

Installation and configuration. 




The hero – WP 301 Redirects.

WP 301 redirects is a tool that will gladly help you with all the inactive links and redirection problems. Meaning it will fix issues that every other website has – old content, old links, and typos in the URLs. These things lead to some huge traffic loss, conversions, and users. And to be completely honest, nobody wants that. That is why this tool will be your lifesaver.

When you have this tool in your pocket, you will instantly see a huge boost in your traffic. Which, in the end, everybody wants.

Everybody makes mistakes – that’s why when a user makes a spelling mistake it will give him a 404 page. Sure, WordPress will take these things into their hands, but by the time they get to your website, your loading speed will be terrible. And that loading speed will be a factor of the position on the search engines. See how everything in this world is connected?

But when you have redirections on, no matter if they add an extra letter or lose one, it will take them to the site they want to see. That way, you are not losing your customers.

Besides, this tool does not add any extra CSS or JS files in the frontend. Meaning it won’t slow down your site in any way. Nevertheless, what if you change an URL of an old article? People may want to visit it, but you already changed it? The article is so good that they want to read it again after a period of time, so why not provide them?

It is crucial to redirect them to the new URL, as well as Google. This helper will help you with these kinds of problems as well.

Now, let’s review this plugin and its features.

The Review.

Installation and configuration.

After activating your account, you will see a two-minute starting guide. And that guide will always be available in your dashboard, just in case you ever need it.

Now that you have downloaded the file on your PC – go to your WordPress dashboard and add a new plugin. In that step, you will need to upload the zip file that you have.

It will take only a few moments to upload, and then you will be able to click Activate the plugin. You will receive a notification that will guide you back to the settings. Now comes the moment of activating the license, which you will find on your dashboard. You will need to copy it and paste it in the License spot.

Then you click save and activate, and that’s pretty much it. You will be greeted by the setup wizard – just click next a few times, and voila! You can, of course, go over the setting right there, but you can also leave it for later. The default settings are suitable for 99% of the sites already. So no worries, next, next, next, and welcome.

Few clicks later and your plugin is ready to help you with the redirects.


The time has come for us to introduce you to the features of this rockstar. Eyes wide open, concentration fully on the article, and soak in all of these wonderful features.

Auto redirect 404 will be your favorite feature, without a doubt. Let’s say you have a contact us page which goes “www.page.com/contactus”. If someone mistypes it, adds a letter, or misses one, it will still redirect them to the correct page. You can do this for posts as well as for pages. It is especially great if you changed the URLs of old pages or posts. There is no need for them to stumble across a 404 page when they can easily be redirected to the new URL.

It is all done automatically when you turn on the auto-redirect 404 option. You do not have to create this for every single page or post!

Affiliate link problem solver is the second feature of this rockstar. We all know those ugly affiliate links that are way too long. It is like a poem written in the search bar. It is messy and not pretty at all.

With this tool, you do not need to shorten every single one hand by hand. You can do it automatically in the settings, and your affiliate links will be short, sweet, and usable in no time.

You create one single redirect rule, and it will work fine for all of them. A time saver right here, my folks.

Redirects and 404 logs. Right on the dashboard, you will see two tabs, one for redirects log and another one for 404 logs.

In these tabs, you will be able to see a lot of different information. Like top countries, devices, and browsers your visitors predominantly use. Also, you will be able to see on which sites they visited, their IP, and the date and time.

You can group this information by IPs or by page. This way, you will know exactly what is going on on your site without a need for additional tools.

License – remember those days in the early 2000 when you needed to go through all the trouble to activate a license?

Creating a new one, copy-paste it to your client, then they need to enter it, and so on. Those days are gone! With this one, you can create a domain-based license. Enter the client’s domain, tell him to go to the plugin and activate it. It only takes two emails or a 30-second phone call for it to be over and done! No code, no nothing.

And to add a new license is just two clicks away. You click on the add a new license, keep all the default settings, and that’s it – you are finished. Created a new license under 30 seconds – that must be a world record, right?

Monitoring sites is also one of the available features of this plugin. You can remotely control all of the websites that you provided within your license. Besides, you can perform remote actions, view stats, view logs, and so on. It is like having an overview of their site in any given time period.

Email address reports. With this option, you can get reports to your email address if you want to. It has two available options, to send it every 24h hours, or once a week, however, you prefer it. You will have a detailed report on your email and you will be able to check it whenever you want. Not on a PC at the given moment? Check the statistics from your mobile phone.

You can get reports on your email for 404 reports and redirects as well.

Brand it and make it your own. You can also remove any visible signs of WebFactory. With that, you will look more professional and trustworthy. It is practically letting you be the face of this tool. Put your own branding, change the logo, color, text – anything! You can also create a new brand or just choose one of the templates that are already there.

The Support System. Support is always a big part of a plugin. If something doesn’t work, the logical way is to contact the support. This tool provides support from the people that made it. There is no third party involved – you get the answer from the creators who use this tool every day. They have all the tricks up their sleeves.

It is also worth mentioning that you can reach out to the support team right from the dashboard. In the right bottom corner, there is a button for you to contact them directly. No need for emails and waiting 3-5 business days to get a reply.


After we have covered the installation and features, it is time to dive into the pricing.

It offers three different pricing plans, and those are:

  • Personal
  • Team
  • Agency

The Personal one costs $39 a year, and it gives the essentials. You can only use it on one website, but it gives you all the features needed for a great redirect game. Besides, you also get licenses and site manager as well as priority support.

The Team option costs $79 a year, and it has a fair advantage over the Personal one. You can use it on 5 websites, and you get all the features, license and site manager, priority support, and remote site stats, as well as white label mode. The Agency option costs $149 a year, and for a good reason.

You can use it on 100 sites, and you get all the features that we listed for the Team option. Plus additional rebranding and branded PDF Reports.

That the tool will work its magic is a guarantee. But, you still have a 100% No-risk money-back guarantee. If by any chance, you are not satisfied with the plugin in the first seven days, they will gladly refund you all of your money – Without a question.


In the end, we can say that the problem of redirections has every site. It is just the way they deal with that problem that is different. Misstypes happen all the time, but you can prevent them from going from a 404 page to your site in a heartbeat. So why not do that?

WP 301 redirects offer you all the features that are necessary for your site to function properly.

You get more traffic, your users are not frustrated, and you get all the reports of the actions that are happening.

And all of that is possible because of one singular plugin.