Will Electric Cars Ever Replace Gas-Powered Cars?

Will Electric Cars Ever Replace Gas-Powered Cars?

Let us go back and remember how we felt when GM CEO Mary Barra uncovered earlier this year their plan to ensure their business would become a net-zero carbon company? They coupled this with a vision that in 2035, there will be no trace of vehicles that run on gasoline and only create electric cars.

Although many EVs began replacing gas guzzlers, others still opt to stick with their hybrid cars and would instead not do the switch sumaperformance.com/products/ceramic-coating-spray is business as usual. We go on with our days constantly brainstorming how to make every car owner’s life easier. The Ceramic Coating for Cars is one of the many ways we help protect your cars against the peril of chemical cutting and oxidation at an affordable price.

Why Are People Still Holding Back From Switching to Electric Cars?

There are now about 10 million EVs running on roads worldwide, and this is not a question of why since electric vehicles have a vital role in helping save and revolutionize climate change. But some car owners are still skeptical about making this necessary switch due to the cost, distance, and reliability.

In the United Kingdom, we learn that they have challenges with fast charging points, the cost, and the distance electric cars could go compared to gas-operated vehicles. The US population likes the idea since we all want to save mother earth, but it looks like a fraction is still concerned about reliability.

Let us look at the factors why consumers still need to be converted to electric cars.

Electric Cars Are Apparently Costly 

Many will always look at how electric cars seem to be a lot more expensive than diesel cars, but those who have already made the transition attest that this will not be for long since there will be lower fuel if many people use EVs.

But suppose many consumers would only see the benefit of just leasing their car’s battery instead of paying for it. In that case, we can see changes in the cost of electric vehicles eventually. The price of electric cars will go down in the long run when many start using lithium batteries, the main battery that powers EVs. 

The Risk of Using EV Batteries

Consumers worldwide are considering how safe and far electric cars can go and are there enough charging points. Others expressed concern about the use of batteries and their fire risk. Although authorities such as RISE have attested that there is no reason to be afraid since the risk is lower if consumers could give it a chance.

Is there a shortage of chip makers? 

The news is that the demand is not being met when it comes to making chips since the pandemic started. Those who analyzed this said this shortage may extend until 2022 and can impact all kinds of cars. 

Could We All Give Electric Cars a Chance, Perhaps, Soon?

The answer is a resounding yes! Although EVs face several challenges, we cannot deny the numbers that the increased sales in the first quarter of 2021 continue to show. We see 10 million electric vehicles silently maneuvering the roads. With the government’s help in providing more points for charging and putting more emphasis on the increase of taxes on fossil fuels, we can only see the numbers of electric car consumers growing more. 

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