Basketball Shoes

Why You Should Wear Basketball Wear For Men Casually

Performance basketball gear is not just for the basketball court. They are made specifically for basketball and athletes but there is nothing stopping anyone from wearing basketball gear outside the court. Trendy basketball wear for men has always been a fashion statement as much as it is high performance gear. Sneakers, in particular, are extremely popular while shirts and shorts are less common but still worn casually.

Basketball shoes for everyday wear?

In the past, basketball shoes used to be big, bulky, and unappealing visually. They were always very tall and went up above the ankles. Their overall design was not that impressive and it would not make much sense to wear them casually.

In more recent times, basketball shoes became a fashion icon and statement. Their designs are more appealing while their functionality was preserved. It is also much more common to see basketball shoes that are less tall but still provide support and protection for the ankles. These modern low-top shoes are much easier to match with a casual outfit. Even high-top shoes are now considered more fashionable and easier to pair with an outfit that some would call streetwear.

The bottom line is that when it comes to trendy basketball wear for men, sneakers play an important role and have the biggest diversity in terms of designs, colors, shapes, and materials used.

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What about shirts and shorts?

Basketball shorts present fewer opportunities to be worn casually. It is difficult to create an outfit around shorts. It is just something that is not considered trendy and fashionable.

Basketball shirts on the other hand present a much different story. You can wear such a shirt along with a pair of joggers and high-top shoes. It is considered fashionable and some combinations work well. It would not work in an outfit for an office environment but for a walk around the city, it should be just fine. The only high-performance clothing item in this category that should be avoided to be worn in public outside the basketball court is the tank top. They are simply too sporty to wear casually.

Mix matching trendy basketball wear for a casual outfit

Basketball Tshirt

Out of all the basketball gear that you would own, only shirts, sneakers, and jackets can be added to a casual look. Everyone can pull it off now that the concept of streetwear gained a wider audience and adoption. It is much more common today to see sportswear integrated intro outfits that have nothing to do with sports. Basketball gear is no exception from this fashion trend. Basketball clothing and shoes were some of the first types of sportswear to be adopted into everyday wear.

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The only clothing item that should not be considered as a professional basketball gear is the pants. An ideal look should include casual pants. It can even work with cargo pants or certain types of joggers. Trendy basketball wear for men can be very versatile but the pants are more restrictive in terms of choice. Colors also do not matter all that much but there needs to be a synergy between all the items in an outfit.