10 Ways to Create a Cozy Home for Your Loved Ones

Now that more than 70% of Americans are working from home, it’s important that you’re working in a cozy space.

You’ve already realized that you can’t work if there’s clutter, if you have dirty clothes lying around, or if your bed isn’t made in the morning.

You’re starting to realize you don’t like the feel of your space and have been trying to make your home feel warmer. You want to be spending time in a space that is inviting to feel happier and more productive.

Well perfect for you, we’ve come up with 10 ways to make sure you’re living and working in a cozy home.

1. Add Greenery

Adding greenery to a space immediately makes it feel lighter and brighter. It adds color and texture. It makes us happy!

Even better? Adding greenery actually helps purify the air in your home. So if you really want to feel comfortable in your home, adding plants and greenery will do this in more than just one way.

2. Create a Space for You

There’s a lot to be said about having a space meant for just you. If you want to make your home cozy, add a “you” space.

This may look different to everyone, but some may think their space is their desk space. Others may want an area to read in peace or create an outdoor space that is inviting at any time of day.

If you want to make your desk space cozier, add in personal accents, decorate with pen holders and colorful office supplies, and pick out a comfy desk chair.

For a reading area, consider a cozy beanbag and a throw blanket. Add in an eccentric reading lamp for extra lighting to make sure you’re comfortable.

3. Invest in Fancy Soap

If we didn’t learn anything in the last year and a half, we’ve all definitely learned that you need to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Since this can get pretty boring, why not spice up your bathroom with a fun and fancy soap?

Find a colorful bar of soap with a nice smell or look for liquid soap that has extra moisturizing components to keep your hands soft. If you prefer liquid soap, find a cute soap dispenser to put in your bathroom instead.

4. Add Scents With Diffusers

One of the easiest ways to add a scent to your home is with a diffuser. Instead of having to light a candle, the smell is already there. Having diffusers, whether you go with a typical reed diffuser or a more technology-advanced electric oil diffuser, is a low-maintenance approach to creating a cozy-smelling home.

5. Decorate With Personal Accents

If you’re wondering how to make your home feel warm and welcoming, adding decor into your home that means something to you is a great way to do it.

Instead of decorating with fake books, put some of your favorite books on your shelves. Instead of shopping for a fake plant to add color, pick one out that you love.

Add some photos of your loved ones around the house to remind you of the love and warmth that surrounds you every day.

6. Order Yourself Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Ordering yourself flowers is one way of how to make a house feel homey.

There is no shame in ordering yourself flowers! Why would you not want to make yourself feel loved, and your home feel cozier?

7. Use the Right Lighting

Lighting could make or break your cozy home. Having harsh fluorescent lights can throw off the mood by just flicking the switch on.

If you want your home to be cozy at night, add some warm lights or light dimmers to set the mood.

As for daytime, set up your space where you spend the most time near a window. Natural lighting boosts Vitamin D and wards off depression. You may even notice you’re sleeping better if you start working with natural light.

8. Get a Rug

This may seem simple, but adding a rug to a space can spice up the area by adding color and texture.

If your home has lighter colors and simple textures, adding a fun patterned rug to your living room can make it feel more welcoming. Adding textured rugs to your bathroom will also make that space cozier and more inviting.

9. Add a Blanket Basket or Ladder

Adding baskets to a space adds in even more texture. You’re also making your space more inviting because the throw blankets are in plain sight. All you or your guests have to do is reach over and grab one.

Another great idea for how to make a house feel homey is by adding a blanket ladder. This adds a fun and cozy interior design style to your home that mixes it up from the norm of storing your blankets or having them in baskets.

10. Create Memories

Once you add decorative accents and cozy interior design accents, you need to start making memories! Show off your cozy home to other people to inspire them to make a space they love as well.

As more friends and loved ones come over, you may get other ideas to add to your space.

Go Make Your Cozy Home

Are you inspired to give your boring home a makeover and turn it into a cozy home? Using these cozy interior design tips should help you do just that!

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