Why you need a video explaining a startup?

Why you need a video explaining a startup?

A good explanatory video allows the content to be conveyed to the target audience. Each viewer of the video should be able to unambiguously grasp the message and the main idea of ​​the video within a few seconds to generate initial interest.

At the same time, the company’s image can be purposefully managed with an explanatory video, because a 2d explainer contributes to:

  • focusing the user’s attention on the key moments of the video;
  • opportunities to bring new and complex information to the wider public;
  • improved perception through images combined with a positive voice.

If the explanatory video meets these criteria, this is a good explanatory video. Even the most complex issues (services, products and information) are transmitted directly to the mind of the user. Conversion rates increase significantly as visitors become customers who are emotionally held by the hand and guided to the desired action.

For a presentation to be successful, decision-makers need to have confidence in the product, service, or vision. This is possible with a well-thought out explainer video for startup. 90 seconds is a magical sound barrier for a video. This should not take longer, as the attention of most Internet users drops significantly after this period of time. Therefore, it is appropriate here to shorten the animation to 30 seconds, as this will allow for a wider range of applications for the product. In just 90 seconds, an engaging voice, engaging animation and appropriate background music inform all viewers about the desired facts.

Benefits of Explainer Videos

Does StartUp’s explanatory video only work for finding an investor? Not at all, because this format is also ideal in the future to bring a service or product closer to future customers. An individual advertising video that:

  • Adapted to the needs and wishes of visitors;
  • Optimized for viewing on mobile devices;
  • Is useful and is able to interest, focus the user’s attention and keep it – pushes customers to action.

Of course, it all depends on the thoroughness of the study and interaction with other advertising tools. What you are trying to present to the audience is also of course important. What potential customers need, and you are ready to provide the most favorable conditions for obtaining the desired product, will allow you to achieve great success.

For what purposes can explanatory videos be used?

Basically, the explanatory videos are animated or combined, you can place:

  • On the company’s website, which will improve customer engagement rates;
  • In social media channels;
  • In presentations;
  • For offline reports, instructions, and more.

In other words, a quality product can be used without restrictions. Only when it comes to a specific ad placement can additional rights be obtained, which mainly relate to the redemption of the speaker. After that, the video can be advertised on all channels.

How long does it take from idea to finished explanatory video?

An explanatory video can usually be realized in 15-20 days, or maybe several months. It all depends on the quality and the desired end result. The more difficult a video is to implement, the more likely it is to surprise and attract the audience. This is especially interesting for start-up companies, as there are often cases when not all factors and subtleties are thought out from the outset to spontaneous changes and adjustments.

However, there is also high-speed production. For an additional fee, videos can be completed within 10 days. The faster the client responds to intermediate feedback and chooses an option, the faster the video will be ready for presentation.