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Why Hire a Criminal Lawyer in Singapore?

No one plans to find themselves on the wrong side of the law, especially on crime-related matters. In the present day, you may be going around your daily business on social media and find yourself in trouble for cybercrime. In such a case, you’ll need legal representation from an expert to get yourself out of the situation.

While it’s possible to self-represent, remember that you’ll be held on the same accord as a lawyer when you get to the court chambers. You’ll be expected to have all your documentation right. The clauses and chapters of the constitution in accordance with what you are being accused of should be at your fingertips to be able to indulge the judge.

However, this can be hard if you have no clue about going about it. Hiring a criminal lawyer becomes the best shot of you winning the lawsuit.

3 Reasons for Hiring a Criminal Lawyer Singapore

1. You Lessen Your Chances of Risk Exposure

While you may need to part with the legal fee, you should stay reminded that it’s worth it rather than going at it by yourself. By self-representation, there is a high likelihood that:

  • you will face false or incorrect charges
  • you will end up with a criminal record that will smear your reputation for job acquisition
  • you will end up in prison even when it can be avoided

Having a criminal record will hinder you from achieving many things, including a driver’s license. A criminal lawyer is the only person that could save you from the above risks.

2. Evidence Presentation

In a court setting, evidence presentation is key. This is not just about the witnesses and the documentation but also how the accused asks and responds to questions during interrogation. Following a wrong questioning procedure could lead to your case being thrown out or even being unfairly implicated. With a criminal lawyer by your side, you’ll have direction on how to ask and answer questions. You may be on the wrong side, but they may help you get out of the situation or aid in securing bail. Besides, they note the loopholes in the opponent’s case that may help you emerge victors.

3. Support and Advice

Importantly, criminal lawyer singapore help you navigate the turbulent waters by offering support and advice. They do this by working on your case while you deal with other personal issues going on in your life. They also update you on the ongoing progress with the other party after any progress is made. This whole process helps save time and focus on the elephant in the room.

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Many may be afraid to contact the services of a criminal lawyer because of the charges. It can be costly since there’s a lot of time that goes into collecting evidence, filing papers, and coming up with a strong case. But in the long run, it becomes cheaper as it saves not just your time but your life and reputation. In case you find yourself in a criminal situation in Singapore, a criminal lawyer may be the only person standing between you and the prison.