Kim Ke 2019

Who won big in Kim Ke 2019?

On the evening of November 23, the closing night of the Golden Lotus Awards 2019 took place with the participation of the most popular star Cbiz. Luu Lac Cau won the Best Film category, overcame Co Dien Quan Hieu, Thien Truong Cuu Cuu, We of the Later, Hong Hai Action, I Am Not A Medicinal Spirit.

Liu Bei is a science fiction film set in a changing climate, mankind built enormous engines to push Earth from the solar system, to a new region in the universe. During the 2,500-year-long journey, people take refuge in the underground cities, and astronauts have the mission to save the world. The film has the 2nd highest grossing in Chinese history.

Film Thien Truong Cuu Cuu

The king and queen are the couple of Thien Truong Dia Cuu. The best leading actor named Wang Jingchun while the best leading actress is Mai Bay. “ Paradise of the Underworld ” is a film about two families who have been good friends for many years, just because of an unintended incident that is 30 years apart. The film has the participation of Vuong Nguyen TFBOYS member .

Some impressive images of Kim Ke 2019:

Wang Yuan goes back to study abroad

The actor occupies the spotlight tonight of Kim Ke.

Quartet of Tien Kiem Ky Hiep 3 gathered

Nigerian adjusted the skirt for Luu Thi Thi

Yang Mi went to the red carpet with Tan Lam



Li Dich Phong and Tran Vy Dinh showed off their heads together

Kim Ke is one of the three major awards of Chinese film along with Hong Kong’s Golden Statue and Taiwan’s Golden Horse. This year, the awards ceremony was attended by Truong Nghe Muu, Tran Khai Ca, Thanh Long, Dang Sieu, Ton Le, Trieu Vy, Huynh Hieu Minh, Ly Bang Bang, Huac Kien Hoa, Ho Ca, Ly Dich Phong, Luu Thi Thi, Duong Mich, Nghe Ni, Bach Nhien Province, Dich Le Nhiet Ba, Chau Dong Vu

List of winning movies / actors winning Kim Ke 2019:

– Best art design: Love Miêu Story

– Best recording: Luu Lac Cau

– Best movie editor: Tien Kinh Thanh

– Best music: Co Dien Quan Hieu

– Best cinematography: Love Story

– Best cartoon: Phong Chu Chu

– Best Actor: Vuong Canh Xuan (Thien Truong Dia Cuu)

– Best Actress: Mai Bay (Thien Truong Dia Cuu)

– Best Supporting Actor: Vuong Chi Phi (Co Dien Quan Hieu)

– Best Supporting Actress: Ngo Ngoc Phuong (Bringing Me To The Blue Sky)

– Best Screenwriters: Vuong Tieu So and A Mai (Thien Truong Dia Cuu)

– Best director: Lam Sieu Hien (Action in the Red Sea)

– Best movie: Luu Lac Cau