Where Can You Find the Vehicle’s VIN Number?

Where Can You Find the Vehicle’s VIN Number?

We all have heard about VIN lookup tools that access complete information about a vehicle. However, where can you find the vehicle’s VIN number itself?In this article, we are going to cover some easy ways to find the vehicle identification number. You do not need to worry about the process as it will take you only a few seconds to find it. Also, manufacturers add this number to almost all the parts, making it easier to find them.

Before we go ahead and share the easiest way to find the VIN of a vehicle, let us tell you a few things about this unique identifications system of vehicles.

What is a VIN?

A vehicle identification number (VIN) is a number used to identify the vehicle individually. All the manufacturers in the automotive industry assign a new VIN to each vehicle they manufacture. This number is used to track the records of a vehicle.

The applications of VIN make it a crucial part of selling or buying any car. It is because the buyer can access the accident records, recall records, and the complete history of the vehicle from a trusted source. Some companies selling VIN check services offer direct access to the vehicle’s records.

Thus, everyone needs to know the vehicle’s VIN to stay on the safe side.

Where to find the Vehicle’s Identification Number?

New buyers can face some problems in understanding the concept of VIN. Also, finding your VIN can seem like a lot of work. However, it is quite easy and there are dozens of ways to find this.

Here are some of them:

1. Registration Certificate

Once you get the vehicle and its registration certificate, you can easily access the VIN. Simply refer to this document and you will find the VIN printed there. It will be a 17-character number that covers different parts of your car’s identity. 

Therefore, finding the VIN is not a challenge when you have the RC of your vehicle with you. 

2. Insurance Documents

Every car comes with insurance. Thus, another way of finding your VIN is to check the insurance documents. It will be mentioned there along with the other details of your vehicle. If you face any problems in accessing the documents, you can visit the insurance policy center and ask for a copy of your insurance documents.

Most of the time, you will easily get the identification number on these documents. However, here are some ways to find the VIN without such documents as they are printed on your vehicle too.

3. Car’s Dashboard

If you don’t want to check any documents, or don’t have access to documents, you can check them on the dashboard of your car. All you need to do is check the dashboard on the driver’s side. In most cases, you will find it there. However, please know that some manufacturers do not print the VIN there. If you get it, good. If not, the next option is the best choice for you.

4. Driver Side Door

Almost every manufacturer prints the VIN on the front left door of the vehicle. It is the most accessible part to find the VIN of your car. The main reason to add it here is to ensure that the door is not replaced and the vehicle has not met an accident.

The same logic goes for other car parts as well. Thus, check out the complete list to ensure you do not end up with some replaced parts while buying a used car.

5. Boot

Everyone carries a spare to deal with unwanted situations. However, you can also find the VIN of your vehicle just under the spare wheel. You can read the VIN from there and match it with other parts of the vehicle.

6. Car’s Engine

The main reason to print the VIN on the car’s engine is to ensure no one has replaced the car’s engine. That is why we recommend you always check the VIN from the engine as it is the most reliable place to check it.

If you think the number is changed on the vehicle, you can contact the dealer and tell them about the issue. Some old car dealers change the car parts with the old ones to increase their profits.

Click here to find the vehicle’s VIN number

How to Find Vehicle’s Information with VIN?

Decoding the VIN helps you find all the records. However, you do not need to remember the rules to decode a VIN as there are many online tools to help you out. 

These platforms are VIN check services to help you access all the information you want. We recommend using specific decoders to get better results.

For example, you can use the Mercedes VIN decoder, in case you want to check the information of a Mercedes. Similarly, there are VIN decoders for Toyota, Chevy, Ford, and BMW vehicles. 

Here is a quick guide to help you perform a VIN check online.

Step1- Use VIN Decoder

You can access a VIN decoder to perform a VIN lookup. Once you access the platform, you will find an easy option to do it.

Step2- Enter VIN

Now you need to enter the VIN that you just found from the above steps. It is important to know that all 17 characters of a VIN are important (including alphabets).

Step3- Search and Access Report

Now you need to hit the search button and wait for it to generate the VIN report. This report will share all the information about that specific vehicle with you. 

Final Words

We covered how finding a VIN and performing a VIN lookup are two important steps of buying a car. All six methods to find the VIN works with some leading car manufacturers. However, you can always check other places for the VIN too.

Premium vehicles offered by Mercedes come with identification number market on almost all the car parts. They do it to ensure no one replaces the parts without letting the owner know. Thus, you can always check for the VIN printed on the car parts whenever you get it back after service.