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How to choose right EMR software for large practices?

Choosing the right medical software is no easy task. Whether you are just embarking on EMR implementation or switching to a new software, the selection can be challenging. These products are multifaceted, so it is difficult to evaluate their features before making a choice. However, you can always narrow down your options until you are left with the most suitable EMR software for your large healthcare practice. We have put together this piece to help you choose between the two top-rated EMR products – eClinicalWorks vs. Epic

eClinicalWorks vs. Epic 

eClinicalWorks EMR and Epic are two very popular products among users. This is why choosing between these two seems like pulling teeth. EpicCare EMR is taken as eClinicalWorks’ closest alternative and that is because both of them offer very similar features. If you are also looking to make an informed decision between the two, then this piece is for you. Here we will go about eClinicalWorks vs. Epic in terms of features, pricing, and reviews.  

Developed in 1999, eClinicalWorks offers a comprehensive electronic health recording solution that has been winning the hearts of its clients ever since. Epic, on the other hand, was introduced in 1979 and took the EMR industry by storm because of its robust features. 

Both of these healthcare IT products focus on delivering technology-driven solutions, enabling physicians to manage their daily workflows with ease. Elevating operational efficiency and patient care quality is their main goal. They come power-packed with amazing EHR features. Let’s find out what those are! 

Overview of top EHR features 

eClinicalWorks EMR 

Offering solutions to more than one million medical providers around the globe, eClinicalWorks is a popular EHR system with a variety of robust features. 

  • Patient portal  

The patient portal feature is of pivotal importance when it comes to improving patient engagement. eClinicalWorks offers a robust patient portal that enables clients to participate more actively throughout their care process. From booking their own appointment slots to paying their bills online, it takes a lot of burden off the front office staff.

  • Electronic prescriptions  

This feature allows healthcare experts to send electronic prescriptions to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. It also ensures patient safety and automatically sends out information to pharmacies after a refill request has been processed. Overall, the e-prescribing tool saves providers a lot of time and reduces unnecessary phone calls.

  • RCM tools  

eClinicalWorks EMR software offers hundreds of useful billing features to help practices reach a bigger target. The RCM feature incorporates insightful reports that help users evaluate the financial performance of their practice. It can give users a comprehensive idea about the future of their finances. Moreover, it can take care of all your inflows and outflows.

  •  Telehealth solutions 

Telehealth services save time and resources for both patients and providers. The HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution offered by eClinicalWorks EMR let’s providers efficiently lower administrative costs for each care session. This option is beneficial for patients who have difficulty travelling because of certain health concerns.

  • Lab integration 

Lab integration is a must-have for expediting the care process. Providers can request labs online and get the results in the patient portal. This helps organize all of the patient records in one place. Healthcare professionals can access their client’s lab results and make informed decisions.

EpicCare EMR 

EpicCare offers a powerful EMR solution that allows providers to record a patient’s healthcare over time. It incorporates a number of useful features to help practices improve their administrative and clinical outcomes remarkably. 

  • Artificial intelligence 

The Artificial Intelligence tool of Epic is quite well-received by users. This software solution offers machine learning algorithms to assist users with data organization. It also allows users to deploy independent artificial intelligence models through the software’s cloud-based platform.  

  • Patient portal 

This feature by EpicCare EMR allows patients to interact with their healthcare providers or access their health information on mobile devices. They can also schedule appointments, request prescription refills, attend e-visit, access lab results, and complete questionnaires.

  • Analytics 

Another highly appreciated aspect attributed to Epic medical software is its analytics feature. It provides users valuable insights into their practice performance. They can also bring together different sources of operational, clinical, and financial data into a centralized location. Moreover, users can curate and distribute their practice analytics on a web portal.

  • Telehealth services 

In today’s healthcare environment, no medical practice can do without a proper telehealth solution in place. With Epic’s telehealth feature, providers can offer remote care sessions and monitor a patient’s progress. It offers HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tools that enable patients to receive quality care services in the comfort of their homes.

  • Customizable templates 

EpicCare offers a variety of customizable templates to its users. The platform has received multiple positive mentions from users for offering a huge template library. It offers more than 150 templates, which are suitable for various medical specialties. This means that providers working in different healthcare settings can employ this software into their organization.

Pricing comparison 

eClinicalWorks pricing starts at $449 per user per month. The vendor does not offer a free trial. There is no free version available for users. Epic is far more expensive than eClinicalWorks EMR. According to a reliable online source, large healthcare setups pay between $10,000 to $100,000 per month for EpicCare EMR. 

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Wrapping up 

In the end, there is no conclusive winner in the eClinicalWorks vs. Epic question. The best option for your large practice depends on your specific EMR requirements. We recommend that you carefully evaluate the features, benefits, and pricing details of both these medical software solutions. The decision you make should be based on the unique circumstances surrounding your practice’s unique workflow patterns, goals, and problems. Remember, eClinicalWorks and Epic both offer some very nice features; they have positive reviews and are being used by millions of users worldwide.