What Kind of Bitcoin Casino Games Can You Expect to Find?

What Kind of Bitcoin Casino Games Can You Expect to Find?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new type of asset class known as a cryptocurrency that makes use of blockchain to store and process the information on transactions. Since it was created in 2009, it’s increased in price, and many other cryptocurrencies have also been created. Today, the cryptocurrency market is worth more than $2 trillion, although it is very volatile and is considered a risky investment.

Outside of investing, Bitcoin has other uses. The coin was created as a way to easily send money anywhere in the world, and it can still be used to make fast and secure transactions for minimal fees. As a result, lots of websites such as online casinos have started accepting Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. A Bitcoin casino is any type of online casino that accepts payment in Bitcoin.

The best Bitcoin casinos also offer Bitcoin games, which are built using the blockchain and are provably fair. These games are probably fair because players can look at the public log to see the past results. Provably fair casino games are far more transparent than traditional casino games and help people have more trust in online gambling. Here are some of the Bitcoin games you can find at Bitcoin casinos:


Crash is a very simple game that is surprisingly fun to play. The object of the game is to wait for as high of a multiplier as possible before cashing out. The game starts off with a multiplier of zero and will increase over time. However, the game will crash at a random point, and if the player didn’t cash out, they’ll lose their stake. At the start of the game, users place their bets and can set an auto cash out point. Compared to a lot of other games, it’s not very complicated, which helps make it easy to play and lots of fun. Players can enjoy it however they like, betting big and going for a small multiplier or betting small and going for the 10x or even 20x.


Dice is another provably fair game that’s built on the blockchain, allowing players to easily look up the payout rate and verify that it’s fair. It’s also very simple, just involving a bet and the roll of a random number generator that goes up to 100. Players choose the number and whether they want to bet on the roll being higher or lower. So, for example, they can bet on the next roll being lower than fifty. The number they choose will affect the payout if they win. For example, betting that the number will be below ninety-nine will be a very low payout, while betting that the number will be below ten will be much higher because it is less likely.


Online slots are found at just about every casino, and Bitcoin casinos are no different. There are hundreds of different slots to play, including lots of the latest releases from big-name developers. Slots are really simple, and while they’re not provably fair, they’re tested for fairness. Well trusted developers produce high-quality and safe slots that are a lot of fun to play. With slots, players choose their stake, hit spin and watch for combinations of symbols. The more combinations across a payline, the bigger the win. Some slots include special jackpots and bonus rounds, making them even more exciting to play.


Blackjack is probably the world’s most popular table casino game. Well known for having simple rules yet in-depth strategy, it’s a lot of fun to play. One of the other aspects that make Blackjack so popular is that it has a relatively low house edge compared to a lot of other games.