What Are the Most Common Injuries of Hairdressing?

What Are the Most Common Injuries of Hairdressing?

Whatever stage of your hairdressing career you’re at, you’ll be aware of how physically demanding the work is. From standing on your feet all day, to all the actions a haircut requires – cutting and washing to dyeing and drying. There are lots of common injuries within the hairdressing injury. It’s important you’re aware of them so you can make your salon safe for you and your clients.

Trips and Slips

Trips and slips are a common risk within the hairdressing industry. Not only for you but also for your clients. Whether it’s water near the hair washing station, a chemical spill, or even just a poorly-placed handbag. Throughout the day, make sure you’re mopping up spills or alert for any hazards. You can’t control when accidents are going to happen and this is when hairdressing insurance comes into play. It offers you – and your clients – protection for unexpected damages or injuries.


Another hairdressing injury risk is burns and there are lots of ways they can occur. Firstly, there’s hairstyling equipment, such as straighteners or curlers, which need to be heated. The optimum hair straightening temperature is 185 degrees Celsius. Just brushing against this could result in a burn. Plus, there’s the risk of chemicals burning the skin. If you’re serving hot drinks to clients, one spill could result in a nasty burn. Take precautions by wearing protective gloves, and making sure cups aren’t left too near the edge.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is another common injury. If you’re performing the same tasks day in, day out, it’s going to impact your body. You might notice your hands and arms, or neck and shoulders, feeling achy after a long day. Due to the repetitive nature of the job, and the strain it puts on their muscles, Carpal Tunnel is very common amongst hairdressers. There are ways you can help yourself, including stretching between clients and keeping good posture. If you are worried about your symptoms, please reach out to a doctor.

Back Pain

You are not alone if you’re experiencing back pain. It’s a common pain of hairdressing. It’s a result of standing on your feet all day, paired with having to have your arms out for long stretches of time. There are actions you can take to help your back. You could invest in an adjustable stool so you’re not standing the full duration of your shift. Don’t shrug off back pain as part of the job. Again, if you’re worried, be sure to reach out to a medical professional.

However far along you are in your hairdressing career, it’s important to take health and safety issues seriously. Not only to protect yourself but also your clients. Do you have any tips for avoiding hairdressing injuries?