What are the Benefits of Dual Display Smartphones in Digital Marketing?

What are the Benefits of Dual Display Smartphones in Digital Marketing?

The digital marketing industry is booming to a point of congestion, and marketers need to do what they can to break from the masses. There is still plenty of money to be made in the $49 billion industry, but the competition is rife. One way to get the edge over your rivals could be to use a dual-screen phone, as these can be ideal for boosting multitasking and productivity.

What are Dual Screen Phones?

Dual screen smartphones are a new phenomenon, but they could be coming along to upset the established order in the industry. These offerings usually come in the form of a folding screen, which can be expanded to the size of a small tablet. They provide greater versatility than standard smartphones because owners can use them in diverse ways for different things.

Some of the best-known dual-screen phones on the market in 2021 include the Motorola Razr, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. These devices are not mainstream yet, by any means. However, people could soon be persuaded to buy when they discover their range of functions.

These Offerings Serve Many Functions

There are various reasons why some developers have decided that the way forward for smartphones is the inclusion of dual screens. The gambling industry doubtlessly played a role, as smartphone users often play these titles on handheld devices. Vegasoo Casino is a prime example of a site geared towards mobile players, with games like Diamonds of the Realm and Wild Joker Stacks looking particularly impressive on the portable screen. These titles can be even more immersive if played on a tablet-sized device, and this could have had an influence on the emergence of these hybrids.

It isn’t just gaming that will benefit from these new-fangled phones, though. They could also be useful for people who struggle to see things clearly on the smaller screen and prefer to view things in an enlarged format. On top of that, they look cool, and the convenience aspect of them could win many followers over.

Why are they Good for Digital Marketers?

The question is, how are these dual-screen phones going to give digital marketers an edge over their competition? The main draw that leaps out is the fact that they are perfectly designed for organised productivity. Users can go for a split-screen option so that they can have different things in view at the same time.

An example of when this could be useful is when writing ad copy. You could have your market research open on one screen while you write your copy on the other. It can also be handy for viewing metrics. You may want to compare how two different ad sets are performing, so you could put them side by side on the split-screen to get a perfect view of them both. This way, you will know which one you need to spend more ad budget on.

Aside from aiding with the making and running of campaigns, digital marketers will find the use of a dual-screen phone to be a huge boost when networking. Being able to view a prospect’s LinkedIn profile on one screen while chatting to them on another would be priceless. If you’re serious about stealing a march on your digital adversaries, buying a dual-screen phone could make the difference.