What Are Smart Locks and Why Should You Have Them?

Your door locks are the primary factor standing between your home and intruders. Most homeowners still use a traditional lock and key for access to their homes. However, conventional key locks are becoming a thing of the past. Soon enough, smart locks will be the primary method for homeowners to secure their homes. A smart lock is a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth-enabled electronic locking mechanism for your doors.

These smart home devices allow homeowners to leave their house keys behind and secure their homes with a finger swipe or a quick voice command. So, why do you need one for your home or apartment? In this article, we’ll examine the various reasons why you should consider smart locks for apartments and homes.

Smartphone and Remote Access

If ease of use and convenience are things you prioritize, then a smart lock is the solution for you. Most smart home lock manufacturers provide an iOS or Android app for remote access. This way, you can control the lock remotely, monitor access, and receive activity alerts from your smartphone at any time or location.

In addition, you’ll never have to worry about losing your keys again. With a smart lock, you can have access anywhere, right from your phone. Not to mention, if you’re expecting company and running late, you can always let your friends or family into your home simply by accessing the app.

Integrating With Other Smart Home Devices


A smart door lock can become the cornerstone of your entire smart home system. In addition, many of these smart locks can integrate with your existing smart home devices to complete a whole smart home system.

Therefore, you can have your smart lock automate other smart home options by programming your other devices to adjust automatically according to your smart lock’s status. For example, if you unlock the door, your other smart home devices can respond by turning on your entryway light and setting the thermostat to a cooler temperature.

Monitoring Who Has Access to Your Home


Not only do smart locks alert you when someone opens your door, but they can also help you monitor who enters your home. For example, some smart locks allow homeowners to create multiple passcodes for each family member or even a friend they trust. With individual passcodes, you can monitor who enters your home and when they access it. In addition, most smart locks can be paired with a smart doorbell camera to allow users to see the person at the door from their smartphones. Not to mention, having the ability to monitor access to your home is perfect for those with children.

Keeping Your Home Secure


Smart locks are an excellent way to keep your home secure. Indeed, these locks are connected to networks. Although, by keeping your apps updated, passwords private, and using a personal identification number (PIN) for unlocking with voice assistants like Siri or Alexa, you can mitigate the risk of network breaches.

However, smart locks eliminate the risk of someone finding your spare key and entering your home. In addition, without needing to have multiple spare keys, there will be fewer ways for people to gain entry to your home. Not to mention, you can also set some smart door locks to lock after a specific time automatically or when your smartphone has left the immediate area. As a result, your home will be much more secure from break-in attempts.

Smart Locks for Smart Homeowners

If you’re looking for a way to make your home access easier and more convenient, Slotenmaker Beringen is ideal for you. With remote access, smartphone integration, access monitoring, and more, these locks will help you keep your home safer.