What are Ghost Kitchens Actually? Is It Profitable?

What are Ghost Kitchens Actually? Is It Profitable?

Ghost Kitchen is a shape of the modern culinary industry in this 4.0 era. In this current model, people tend to spend their priceless time to work, to make quality time with their precious family. People are getting more effective and efficient in allocating their time wisely. The work demands them to stay focused on their job and have less time to go out to get some food or snack. It doesn’t mean that the problem is not solved. Ghost Kitchens is created from that problem. The revolutionary businessmen are thinking it deeply and find the solution in providing the fastest and most efficient food for their customers who are always dynamic and busy in this late decade.

Renting the meal prep kitchen has a lot of advantages that can be described as fast, low-cost, and are not strictly bounded by the conventional culinary business law. It is a big deal indeed. That is why in this article, we will peel the topic of Ghost Kitchen in the most comprehended way. Starting from the description of what are Ghost Kitchens, the concept in Ghost Kitchens, and the financial aspect in Ghost Kitchens. Let’s get started before we waste a lot of time in this intro section.

How do ghost kitchens work?

To answer the question of what are ghost kitchens? You have to know the mechanism of how Ghost Kitchen works by optimizing the function of the internet as the medium in socializing and connecting people. Most of the customers are always looking for their products on the internet and social media. Internet or online platforms like Google and social media is an ultimate feature in the Ghost Kitchen. It can be said that online platforms and social media are digital displays where the potential buyers can choose freely without getting disturbed by the long line on the cashier and full restaurant.

Once the customers are found and making an order, the food will be sent by using the currier from the Ghost Kitchens restaurant or the online delivery service like Uber and so on. This method is pretty useful nowadays since the world is facing the spread of Corona Virus Disease. By using the technique in Ghost Kitchens, people can minimize the chance of physical contact and able to make their business running. In contrast, the people are restricted from doing any activities outside of their house.

Ghost Kitchens is the solution that able to make the technology, and the culinary business can get along together and create new innovation in the culinary industry. The types of Ghost Kitchens can be manifested in various kinds such as food trucks, small Ghost Kitchens, and a small home industry that you can manage in a house. This condition can be called the innovation from the conventional culinary business that bounded in the rules of time and space. Hence, the people who are willing to get into the Ghost Kitchens business can freely make the restaurant as long as they have an internet connection, yummy recipes, keeping up with technology, and a few od staff to help you run the business.

What is a ghost kitchen concept?

Before you ended up here, you probably also heard about virtual restaurants, virtual kitchens, or cloud kitchens. In principle, the concept is quite similar. In terms of its purpose, ghost kitchen is only serving online delivery orders. Ghost kitchen has no physical kitchen. Due to that fact, it is labeled as a ghost kitchen.

It is a cost-effective business opportunity in this COVID-19 age. The ghost kitchen concept itself integrates with delivery applications. By opening a ghost kitchen, you do not have to worry about having an online presence or decent advertising strategy at the beginning. Because you are already going for that route, and you just have to enhance it later on when you already have a stable revenue from your ghost kitchen.

As for restaurant owners, the concept of a ghost kitchen can be your chance to test a new menu in your restaurant. Besides, since you already have the physical restaurant, you can utilize it into a ghost kitchen to earn more profit or having your own ghost kitchen and have your waitress shift into your delivery guy so you can reduce the budget for the third party.

Ghost kitchen provides solutions for both ends, whether you are limited on a budget or already have a physical restaurant. Ghost kitchen able to live up your culinary business again in this social distancing era.

Are Ghost kitchens profitable?

We would say that the answer is yes, especially in this pandemic state where you have to limit your interaction with others and mobility, so you spend more time at your home. Type of delivery system business like ghost kitchen can be very lucrative at this moment. Besides, you do not need to spend so much in opening a ghost kitchen. It because you do not need to have an actual kitchen like one in the restaurant. You can utilize your own personal kitchen or rent a kitchen.  In fact, you do not have to prepare for a booth, have a food truck, or even a printed menu for your ghost kitchen since everything can be done online.

Therefore, you can start your ghost kitchen with only your own kitchen and a couple of friends who loves cooking. It even can not be considered as minimizing the marketing budget since those are all you need to start a ghost kitchen business. In addition, in terms of the delivery applications, you able to register your ghost kitchen on several delivery applications like DoorDash or GrubHub.

In a word, if you are interested in ghost kitchens and have a passion for culinary, you should start it by questioning yourself, like what are ghost kitchens first. Like we mentioned several times above, ghost kitchen is a profitable culinary business with a minimum starting budget since you do not have to rent for a strategic spot in your local area, having a restaurant-quality kitchen, and so on. If you have a passion for culinary, invite somebody else that has the same business vision as you, and start utilizing your home kitchen to have your very own ghost kitchen.