Two individuals were killed and a large number of others were injured in a shooting at an Airbnb rental in Pittsburgh.

There were at least 50 shots fired inside the residence, which was hosting a 200-person celebration at the time of the shooting.

According to the Pittsburgh Police Department, gunfire erupted early Sunday morning at a Pittsburgh Airbnb, killing two adolescents and injuring at least eight others, according to the department. Some people were able to flee the mayhem by leaping from windows, while others were not so fortunate.

Airbnb properties have now been the scene of three separate shootings in nine days, including one in Sacramento, California, in which a teenager was killed, and another in a Houston suburb, both of which occurred in the same neighborhood.

Several ShotSpotter gunfire detection alerts were received around 12:30 a.m. on Sunday in the East Allegheny neighborhood on the city’s North Side, according to the Pittsburgh Police Department.

The screams and horror of partygoers rushing to flee the residence, some of whom slipped and fell down a staircase, were filmed on a cell phone video camera.

A yell can be heard on the video saying, “He’s got a gun!” The time has come for us to depart.” While apparent gunfire could be heard, someone said, “They’re shooting! ” To the shouting of the police, screams erupted.

By police reports, the injured people were discovered near the residence and transported by ambulance to local hospitals. Other gunshot victims were carried to local hospitals in private vehicles, in addition to the two youngsters who were pronounced dead upon arrival at the emergency room, according to investigators.

According to the officials, ten people were shot, including the two teens who were killed. A body was discovered in the Allegheny County Medical Examiner’s Office that belonged to Mathew Steffy-Ross and Jaiden Brown, both 17 years old.

According to officials, numerous more people were injured as they attempted to flee the turbulent situation.