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Top Ways To Change GPS Location on iPhone and Android

If you’re reading this, you’re certainly familiar with the agony of a notification that says, “This video/game is not available in your area.” Yes, you feel like smashing the screen of your device when you see it. Obviously, there is no way you can physically move to that location. So what do you do? Are you just going to sacrifice your passion?

On top of this, the internet throws large volumes of both fake and vague information whenever you seek a solution. From those long lists of tools, tricks, and location changes, it is hard to decide which one is ideal. Mostly, whenever you type “ How can I change GPS location on my phone?” The ultimate answer is VPN. 

However, in light of the recent cyber-attacks on renowned organizations, security agencies have become smarter. Resultantly, a website recognizes a VPN and does not allow a user to proceed. And the VPNs that genuinely solve the problem are prohibitively expensive.

Fortunately, this article will illustrate how to fake GPS location on iPhone and Android in the comfort of your house. Also, because an IOS restricts these kinds of processes, we shall learn about a software called  Dr.Fone –Virtual location. 

So without further ado, let us get down to business.

Fake GPS location on iPhone using a PC program

There is no need to sulk iPhone users. Apparently, the situation is not as dull as it appears. After a thorough research process through various software available in the market, we came across Wondershare Dr.Fone. The features and perks it possesses make it stand out from the crowd. 

Steps to follow when using Dr.Fone to change GPS location on iPhone:

  1. The first step is always to download the Dr.Fone software on your PC if you do not have it, and choose ‘Virtual Location’ from the options.
dr.fone home screen
  1. From the next screen that comes up, click ‘Get Started.’
  1. On the screen that follows, you will notice a map of your present position. Make sure the location is correct. If it isn’t, go to the lower right corner and click the ‘Center On’ symbol to obtain the exact location.
  1. After that, to permit ‘teleport mode,’ click the appropriate icon (the third option) on the top right of the screen.
  1. Then type the place you want to teleport to in the top-left box. Let’s take a trip to Rome, Italy, as an example, and then simply click the ‘Go’ option.
  1. The software will then recognize your request and display a dialog box. Here on the box, hit ‘Move Here’.
  1. Now have a look at your iPhone screen. Congratulations, you are in Rome (Italy).

And do you know what the best thing is? All your location-based apps will now recognize and work on your virtual location.

Why choose Dr.Fone?

Surprisingly, not much software in the market allows this level of convenience. While some that are prohibitively expensive, others cause your phone to get permanently stuck in that location. However, with Dr.Fone, all you need to do is just restart your iPhone, and you are back at home. 

Furthermore, unlike other software that is infected with spyware and other hidden malware, Dr.Fone is free of such impurities. So you can freely use the software without worrying about the security of your personal information.

And this is not all that the software offers. Apart from teleporting and simulation of movement, the software also allows you to:

  • Transfer Whatsapp between different devices.
  • Unlock disabled phones
  • Restore and recover lost data
  • Backup data from various apps
  • And so much more!

Overall, Dr.Fone is a one-stop solution for every technical problem.

Switch GPS location on Android

Having said that, now let us see how to get a virtual location on an Android device. Unlike IOS, Android places no confinements on any application downloads. However, this freedom comes with a cost. That is, any infected application can freely land on your phone. To overcome this issue, we took it upon ourselves to select a reliable application for the matter at hand. We believe that Fake GPS Location is a great option.

Steps to follow when using the Fake GPS Location App:

  1. First of all, launch the Fake GPS Location app on your Android phone.
  2. Now you need to enable developer settings on your phone. You can do this by:
  • Open ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘About’ menu
  • Look for ‘Build number.’ 
  • Tap the ‘Build Number’ option seven times, and a message stating ‘You are now a developer’ will pop up at the bottom of your display.
  •  Lock for “Select mock location app” in the developer options, and you will find the Fake GPS Location app.
  • Sketch the app from there and go back
  1. Now open your downloaded app and enter the virtual location you want to travel to.
  2. Lastly, use Google maps to check whether your location is changed.

Summing up

There are numerous apps and tools that can help you spoof your GPS location. However, it is hard to say which of them are 100% safe to use. For this reason, we highly recommend that people use Dr.Fone-Virtual Location to solve such technical issues. The latter is not only safe to use but also provides a variety of added benefits.