Replace Toilet Flush Valve

Top Tips For Replacing a Flush Valve in Your Toilet

It is important to know the top tips for replacing a flush valve in your toilet. This type of valve has two flushes, which are located at the top of the bowl. The reason why this system is not easily accessible is that it is placed on the wall. It is only easy to access from the side of the toilet. In addition, it is also a very small part, and installation may require a professional.

Know the parts of a flush valve

There are two flushes, which are situated at the top of the bowl. The first is the recirculating flush which starts at the left and goes clockwise. The other is the down flush which starts at the right and goes counterclockwise. These two flushes are necessary in order to make sure that the water levels are correct in the toilet. If there are any problems with the two flushes, there will be problems with the water level in the toilet too. Therefore, it is important that you know how to replace a flush valve in your toilet.

Make sure that you have the proper tools and plumbing supplies

When you have the proper tools and plumbing supplies, it is very easy to replace the flush mechanism in your toilet. You may purchase them when you click here. The first thing that you will need is the correct nut for your toilet. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, you should consider buying a different one. You will also need a plumber’s putty and a flush lever. The best guide in replacing a flush valve in your toilet is provided by the manufacturer. If you purchase the same model as you already have in your toilet, you can simply follow the instructions provided by the toilet.

Remove the old flange

To remove the old flange, you will need to unscrew the trap door from its own rear. The trap door is secured by a spring, which must be released in order to remove it. Once the trap door is unscrewed, you can pull the flange off the drain pipe. You may need to use a wrench or pliers in order to accomplish this task. Once the flange is removed, you can take out the old drain flange plug and the old drain pipe.

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Make sure that the new flange is securely in place

Next, you need to place the new flange onto the drain pipe and screw it in tightly. Make sure that it is securely in place before you tighten the nut on the end of the flange. After it has been screwed in properly, you can replace the old flange plug. The instructions provided with your toilet should show how to properly reinstall the plug. Once the flange is reinstalled, the old drain opening should be plugged with a new rubber gasket.

Turn the toilet on and flush it to test for leaks

The next step in the process is to turn the toilet on and flush it to test for leaks. If there are no leaks, then your job is almost finished. When you feel water dripping from the flush valve, place a mark on the underside of the flange to indicate the correct placement for the new flange. Mark it so that you do not screw the flange incorrectly when you install the new one. This can cause a bad leak.

Place the new flange on the floor drain

The last step of the process is to place the new flange on the floor drain. Make sure that the flange is level and centrally located so that it does not create a lip underneath the drain. You can install the flange at the bottom or at the top of the toilet. The best option is to have the flange at the top because it will create a smoother surface, which will prevent water from collecting below it.

You have just read the top tips for replacing a flush valve in your toilet. For more information about flushing a toilet, you can visit our website today. Your bathroom is a valuable and important part of your home. Take the time to learn how to properly maintain it by following these simple maintenance tips.