Top Reasons Why Baby Doge Is Getting The Hype

Top Reasons Why Baby Doge Is Getting The Hype

Whether or not you are a pet lover, you might want to check out Baby Doge, the brainchild of Doge lovers. It has been making a name for itself with a little boost from Elon Musk, no less. And Baby Doge appears to reciprocate the love by giving a shout-out to the business tycoon on Twitter.

Another kid crypto

If Bitcoin inspired Bitcoin Cash,, Baby Doge came out of Doge Coins. These are by-products of well-established digital currencies anticipated to build their own reputations better than their predecessors. Before moving ahead, you may want to dwell on some established cryptocurrencies by visiting Bitcoin Up.

Thanks to the inspiration, let alone the reputation, of Doge Coin, Baby Doge is getting the attention it needs for sufficient exposure. That name recall would not hurt, especially for a newbie in a huge industry. It is a dismissible case for nepotism as there is no personal interest involved in a strictly business matter.

More than its namesake, Baby Doge is certainly promising for offering something new. It is expected to deliver something different from its parent crypto. Investors can bank on its fresh perspective to match or even outmatch its Daddy Doge.  Nonetheless, it needs to build a reliable track record to be able to gain the trust of traders.

Charity is its brand

How often do you find a cryptocurrency with noble advocacy? For a change, the Doge coin community came up with Baby Doge with a mission other than building one’s investment. It seeks to promote animal welfare which makes it definitely interesting.

With a mission anchored on saving dogs, this crypto coin will surely melt your heart. It appears that Baby Doge is keeping its word with the hefty donation it has recently made. Fur Kids Animal Rescue and Shelters received $20,000.00 from Baby Doge. Sure, this contribution would go a long way with Atlanta’s TransFur program to relocate dogs.

The ceremonial check was handed over by the spokesperson of Baby Doge, Mike Watson. He said that it is “essential” for the company to stay true to its word to meet the expectations of its investors. Apparently, this is only the beginning of several more charitable acts from this newly-introduced digital coin.

See how much donations Baby Doge has made here.

Ready for the race

Not like your ordinary crypto market challenger, Baby Doge is in it to win it! Bandon Brown, who is a self-confessed supporter of its cause, raced for Baby Doge. He happens to be a dog owner who has a penchant for taking care of animals.  Perhaps it is one of the reasons why he is the right man behind the wheel. Read more about the race from this page.

Baby Doge got the No. 68 Camaro all painted in baby blue with the smiling signature pup icon. The sponsored car was featured in the Xfinity Race Series, just like Doge Coin’s No. 99 Chevy Camaro. It seems as if Baby Doge is following in the footsteps of its father.

Like the car, Baby Doge is expected to be a trailblazer in the crypto market. The race is supposed to introduce this newcomer to the digital currency business. But for now, it is making some baby steps before that giant leap into the competition.

One step at a time

There is no rush for Baby Doge taking its time. It has gotten off to a pretty good start with a price increase of 1,000% two weeks after getting a warm welcome, as reported in a Nasdaq article. For a starter, Baby Doge made an impression.

The same article stated that Baby Doge boasts of speedy transactions with ten times better efficiency. This upgrade from its precursor would drive the interest of busy investors looking to make the most of their resources. By the looks of it, Baby Doge saves time as much as it saves dogs.

As to the trading cost, Baby Doge can be expensive with the $10 fee. Some may want to consider the cost as an investment for prospective returns.  It would, however, take reasonable caution, quantifying costs and benefits, to be able to earn decent profits.


Although Baby Doge has gotten slightly ahead of the pack due to its parentage, it is noteworthy that it would need more than a name to sustain the early advantage.