Top 8 Best Brain Tools for Kids and Adults

Top 8 Best Brain Tools for Kids and Adults

Our brain needs regular exercise. Without constant exercise, it begins to age rapidly – all functions slow down, previously formed neural connections disintegrate, the mind loses flexibility and sharpness.

Thanks to the Internet, we have simply limitless possibilities for pumping our main organ. Now there is no need to stomp to the library for a book with boring exercises and mathematical examples. Brain trainers are abundantly available online – you can download them in the form of applications to your smartphone or do it online from your computer.


BrainApps is the place to find 52 Brain Simulators. You can develop attention, memory, and thinking. Some are simple, while others are quite complex.

Like many other similar services, BrainApps has developmental and training courses: on the development of attention, memory, emotional intelligence, and rapid reading. All these skills are essential not only for work and education but also for daily activities, like tonybet gambling.

But that’s not all. The main feature is the availability of tests. There are tests to determine IQ, temperament, and engineering thinking.


  • A wide range of simulators.
  • Availability of tests.
  • Fundamental scientific basis.
  • Low price for premium access.

As for the cost, everything is standard here – the basic version is free, for additional options, you will have to pay extra.


4brain offers over 40 different development courses. The best part is that most of them are absolutely free and available even without registration. Just follow the link, choose the course you like and immediately begin studying. And there is a lot to choose from. Here are just a few of the programs presented:

  • Speed Reading.
  • Memory Development.
  • Logical thinking.
  • Mnemo techniques.

All courses end with a final exam. To pass it, you’ll need to sign up.


Uplift is a free tool for those who like to play. All exercises are presented in the form of a game, so the process of training will be fascinating and unstressing. The main advantage of the service, which advantageously distinguishes it from others, is an opportunity along with cognitive functions to pump erudition and expand the outlook. You can use it to study geography, history, and art.

On the site, you can compete with other participants, track statistics, and even make friends! Isn’t it a fairy tale? It’s also worth noting the site’s modern and colorful design and cool blog with articles about brain development.


The authors of CogniFit position it as a serious service for the development of brain neural networks. The programs and simulators are based on modern research in neuropsychology. The creators claim that they can be used not only to improve mental performance, but also to correct ADHD, insomnia, and multiple sclerosis.

Besides exercises, the site has many interesting tests to assess the development of cognitive functions. There is also a section with fun, colorful games especially for children. In your personal account, you can track your progress and receive recommendations on your progress.

Medical professionals and psychologists will find a whole section with diagnostic tools. You can test patients and clients online, as well as conduct scientific research.

Quantified Mind

With Quantified Mind, you can use Quantified Mind to sharpen your thinking skills and contribute to science. The site invites you to participate in research and experiments related to how the brain works. For example, on determining the effect of coffee on the quality of cognitive function. Or on determining the time of day when your brain is most productive.

You’ll get tips to help you optimize your mental performance and increase your efficiency. And scientists working on the platform will be able to put forward and prove their scientific theories based on your results. By the way, you can also create experiments and invite people to take part in them.


Elevate is an application that can be used to train memory, attention, logical thinking, reaction speed and even oratory skills. For each user, it creates an individual training program based on baseline data.

Emphasis is placed on those skills that you develop the worst. As the work gets harder and harder, you’ll never have to work too hard.

Little Better

Little Better is a self-development service where brain training is one of the points on comprehensive self-pumping. You can alternate the development of memory, thinking, attention with the education of positive character traits such as courage, diligence, determination, humility. Even on the site there is a directory of developmental courses, many of which are free, and a whole section on art, to develop a sense of beauty.


The main feature of the app is the cartoon style. If you want to involve your child in training, this is the right one. The app has more than 30 animated games and exercises to train the cognitive functions of the brain. There are clear and understandable statistics to track results. And there are weekly tournaments for those who want to compete in mental acuity.