Top 5 EHR Software for ENTs Healthcare Practices

Why an EHR Software is Important

An EHR software can revolutionize the processes at your medical practice. A good EHR software enables you to manage various aspects of your practice. From managing patient records to doing revenue cycle management; these software are able to do it all! In this piece, we will be specifically talking to you about software which is ideal for an ENT practice. If you are an ENT, then perhaps keep reading because we will be suggesting various options which might be ideal for your specific needs.

From athenahealth to RXNT software; we will give you several software options to help you perhaps conclude which of these software would be right for your needs.

Top 5 Software for ENT EHR Practices

Athenahealth EHR

The first software we want to mention is Athenahealth which has several popular EHR features that users seem to love. The first feature we want to talk about is that it is device agnostic which basically means that the software is able to operate on whatever device you use it on. The software works perfectly on Android devices, iOS systems or even Windows; whatever device you have, you are able to use Athenahealth on it easily. The software translates perfectly from one software to another without any issues coming in between. There is another feature in this software that we want to mention, the scheduling feature is incredibly powerful and helps you schedule as many appointments as possible during a day, this helps you utilize your day to the maximum extent and be as productive as possible.

eClinicalWorks EHR

The second software in our list is eClinicalWorks which is another great option for EHR software. The template feature in eClinicalWorks EMR is unmatched by most companies because of the various functions the templates give you. With the quick functions of the templates, you are able to make patient notes in record time so that you can reduce the time an appointment took you by half or more! The software also has a web based app because it is deployed via cloud based systems. Because of this feature, you are able to access the software from anywhere in the world without any issues and can essentially use the software on the go. This makes the software convenient to use and a great option for your practice.



The third option on our list for top ENT software is RXNT software. The reason we are including this software on our list is because of the glowing RXNT reviews available online. The software is hugely appreciated by users because of its scalability features. This is that the software can scale to your size. If you are a medical practice that is considering to grow over time then this software might be a solid choice for you since it will easily be able to grow with you according to several RXNT reviews. The software also has a great electronic referrals feature which makes referring patients to other practitioners much easier. You can easily send a referral from within the software; you can also send patient files to the other physician securely through within the software itself.

EpicCare EHR

EpicCare is a great EHR option for various reasons. The software is one of the most popular ones in the market and has reviews which match RXNT reviews in how much users love the software. The great thing about the software is the billing services you can access with it. The software allows you to manage your billing much better so that you are on top of things. This essentially means that you are able to know which bills are unpaid and keep track of them and increase your revenue as well as a result. The software also has a great interface which makes it very easy to get used to. You do not experience a learning curve as steep as one would with a new software as the software is really easy to figure out how to use.

AdvancedMD EHR

AdvancedMD is the last but not at all the least software we would like to mention. This software has a great patient portal feature which does half your job for you. With this portal, patients gain access to your practice at home and can schedule their own appointments, look at their upcoming appointments and much more. All of this enables you to have more time to see patients and other important tasks instead of looking over managerial and clerical things. The software also helps you to reduce the number of no-shows at your practice since it sends out reminders for appointments to patients beforehand so they are less likely to forget and more likely to show up as well!

Which ENT EHR Software Should you Invest in?

If you are wondering after reading everything we have written above from details about Epic EHR or about RXNT reviews which software you should choose then maybe we can help you come to your own conclusion. Every practice is unique and not every software will suit your needs.


The first thing you should do is have a clear outline of all the features you will need in your EHR software. Once you have this information sorted out, you will be able to match the needs of your software to your practice better.


You should also read as many detailed user reviews as you can. For example, reading RXNT reviews will help you find out what current users think of the software and enable you to make a better decision.


All in all, we hope you find the right software for your needs with the information we have provided for you in this article.