Top 10 best field service software for small business

Top 10 best field service software for small business

Today, more and more organizations are using digital technology. Service companies should also “keep up with the times” and move to paperless field service management. For successful development, it is necessary to implement and use field service management software (Field Service Management systems or FSM for short). 

What is field service?

Field service refers to any line of work that takes place outside a company or traditional office. Field services typically send workers or contractors to the site to complete the required tasks. For example, field workers can be considered as craftsmen who serve household appliances at home.

Field service software and service are changing and growing rapidly, spanning industries and those employees who do most of the work outside of the office. Fieldworkers can now be considered those who work in education, healthcare, retail, manufacturing, and many other industries not traditionally included in this list.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has caused the traditional office environment to change dramatically, leading to an increase in the number of mobile workers worldwide. With this expansion, the global field service management industry is expected to more than triple by 2026.

Simplified route planning

Field service management software includes a component for more efficient route planning. This option also allows better coordination of customer appointments. It takes into account the location of the client and your employee, which allows you to estimate travel time and factor in it when planning a sequence of visits. As a result, this leads to a decrease in your costs not only for fuel and lubricants and vehicle maintenance, but most importantly, increases the useful time of employees (that is, the time when the field specialist does the work, and does not go to the object or to the warehouse for spare parts. these are direct losses of the company)

Plus, with better planning, you can consistently and logically prioritize incoming requests, taking into account urgent requests.

Top 10 best field service software:

  • Okdesk;
  • Mobifors;
  • HubEx;
  • Planado;
  • GROTEM Service;
  • ST-Mobi;
  • B2Field;
  • EdiAgent.

Improved parts inventory management

Certain field service management applications can significantly save workers time. This is due to the fact that they make it possible to check the stock of spare parts directly from their smartphones, as well as make a list of spare parts that were used during the repair. The software also allows you to keep track of the quantity of stocks, for timely ordering of missing parts from the back office. As a result, spare parts are always available to technicians, and their online consumption is visible in the office.

Guaranteed payment for all applications

Every service company faces the problem of unbilled invoices. In fact, it often happens that some applications are of an unofficial nature (the customer asked – made, but did not mention in the act). Such works will not be included in the accounting system and will not be presented to the customer. Or, for example, a branch of a company can make urgent repairs for a large customer, and agree to send the invoice later and forget/lose.