Tips on Providing a Balanced and Active Childhood for Your Kids

Did you know one in four parents worry that their young child is actually not meeting developmental milestones? These milestones can include activities such as crawling, walking, and talking.

One of the keys to helping your child meet milestones and continue to grow is by giving them an active childhood. Here are some tips to provide a balanced childhood and ensure your kids grow up healthy and strong.

Limit Screen Time

Although screen time can be educational and fun, it is important that you monitor how much your child gets. It is all too easy to set them up with YouTube or Netflix to get some chores done.

Studies have revealed that children learn better when engaging with people in person, rather than learning from a tablet or video. Videos can supplement what you teach them, but make sure it is not a full replacement.

If your child keeps reaching for the phone or tablet, then give them some engaging activities to redirect. Have interactive toys available for them to play with once you decide that they have had enough screen time.

Find a New Hobby

A hobby is a great way to start having a balanced childhood. Let your child choose something that is in your price range, which will help them stay active as well.

Jiu-Jitsu, a form of mixed martial arts, is a great hobby that is also physically active. Students learn about respect, as well as practical methods they can use if they are ever attacked.

Other hobbies include sports, dance, gymnastics, or cheerleading. Try to find something that gets your children outdoors.

Visit the Park

If you are lost on what to do during a slow day, try taking your children to your local park. Playing on the equipment is a good way for them to develop their dexterity and climbing skills.

Parks are also wonderful for learning to socialize naturally with other kids. The children can learn to share toys and take turns on rides.

Going to the park can be especially helpful if you do not have a backyard or wide space for the children to play in.

Work on Nutrition

A child can only be as active as their nutrition lets them. You should not worry too much about your child’s diet, but ensure they get the major food groups.

Try to introduce them to new fruits and vegetables regularly so you can find out what they like. Providing balanced, healthy meals will give them the fuel they need to run around and have fun with their friends.

Give Your Kids an Active Childhood

If you are wondering, “How to give my child an active childhood?” you should not have to worry. With these simple tips, your child will be active and healthy.

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