The whole team was in shambles-Rio Ferdinand blasted Manchester United after Liverpool's defeat
The whole team was in shambles-Rio Ferdinand blasted Manchester United after Liverpool's defeat

The whole team was in shambles-Rio Ferdinand blasted Manchester United after Liverpool’s defeat

Manchester United Legend has slammed his former club after they were beaten by their rivals Liverpool at Anfield.

Liverpool defeated Manchester United by 4-0 at Anfield. the result means Liverpool are currently top of the leader as Manchester City faces Brighton today.

The Red Devils suffered a huge blow to their top ambitions a win for Arsenal today will push Manchester united to sixth place.

Jurgen Klopp’s side has now completed a League doubles over Manchester United the first since the 2008/2019 season thanks to goals from Luis Daiz, Sadio Mane, and Salah(2).

Speaking to Vibe with Five YouTube channel on the Manchester United defeat, Ferdinand claimed his former side was embarrassing to watch and that Harry Maguire, Aaron Wan-Bissaka, and Diogo Dalot were all awful on a miserable night for Manchester United

What did he say

He said; ‘Wow. I hate to be negative about Manchester United but the fall from grace is unheralded.

‘It’s never been seen before. It’s alarming but we’ve all seen it coming. A big, big rebuild needs to happen.

‘It was embarrassing. I want to see some passion and desire. That game yesterday showed how far United is behind. You can go through it from No. 1 to 11 and it was poor.

‘The whole team was in shambles. For every goal, you can pick someone out. There was no awareness, the two full-backs Wan-Bissaka and Dalot not following their men.

‘Maguire in no man’s land, not tight enough to the striker, not covering the run, in the middle of nowhere. People will say you shouldn’t single out people but it was embarrassing yesterday.’

Michael Owen also has described Manchester United’s performance at Anfield as a disgrace.

He said: ‘Look when Liverpool loses the ball in an instant the reaction is run, run, run, get the ball back. I’d love to see the running stats tonight. Liverpool gives the ball away but their attitude to get the ball back straight away is different.

‘That needs to come from the manager. It’s every day in training. It’s got to become second nature. When Manchester United lose the ball they are an absolute disgrace.’

The former Manchester United and Liverpool former player added that Manchester United will continue to struggle until they found the right manager and back him in the transfer to buy the right players.

‘United has gone through this process of buying great players for years and years. Look how much they’ve spent. Look how many great players they’ve had that have turned average.

‘As soon as you put that red shirt on at the moment, your performance level goes down 10 or 20 percent. I can’t think of one player in the last 10 years who is better than when they signed them. It’s unbelievable.

‘Getting the right manager is a must to start with before you start throwing £100 million at it again.’