The Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance Grandparenting

The Ultimate Guide to Long-Distance Grandparenting

Having grandchildren is one of the most exciting times of your life. You don’t have all of the stress that comes with raising them – you can just sit back and enjoy all of the fun stuff. However, if you live far away, it can be a real challenge to stay in touch. Fortunately, with advancements in technology, it has never been easier. Here is the ultimate guide to long-distance grandparenting.

Plan regular visits

Go visit your grandchildren as often as possible. If you have a tight schedule, it might make sense to go for longer periods. You don’t want to miss out on too much fun! It is also important to plan visits in advance. This will allow you to work whatever travel arrangements are necessary into your schedule. If you wait until the last minute, it could be hard to find an affordable flight. Even though visiting your grandchildren costs money, it’s worth every cent. You should be there in person as much as possible.

Help your grandchildren feel at home 

Your grandchildren will probably be a little nervous and uncomfortable when they come to your home for the first time. To make them feel more at ease, you should help them unpack their things and maybe get a snack ready for them. You can also give them something of yours that has special meaning, such as a special blanket or a piece of jewelry. It will allow your grandchildren to feel like they are staying with someone who loves them and cares for them.

Keep a good relationship with the parents 

You might want to spend all of your time with your grandchildren, but that’s not always possible. You should make sure that you still have a good relationship with the parents. They can help you out when you need something from them or something fun going on in their son or daughter’s life, like a sporting event or a school play. Your grandchildren might not know how to reach you if something happens, so make sure you have the parents’ contact information and stay in close touch with them.

Make sure contact is regular

It can be hard to check in on regular schedules when you are miles away from your grandchildren. However, it is important to stay connected. You will want to make sure they have all of the information that they need about you and that you know all of the latest news with them. It is easy to go a month or two without hearing much about what they are up to if you don’t talk regularly. If this happens, you will feel like a stranger when you visit them later on, making the visits less enjoyable for everyone.

Choose a vacation spot with them in mind 

When you are planning a vacation, you should plan it with your grandchildren in mind. Choose somewhere with things for kids to do, even if that means traveling to a new destination. If your grandchildren are old enough, you can plan a trip with the whole family. This will allow them to better get to know their cousins and other relatives on both sides of the family. You should also encourage your children to contact your extended family members so that there is someone else they can stay with if you cannot travel.

Send them letters or packages

Sending letters and packages is a great way to stay in touch with your grandchildren. There are many different ways you can do this: sending postcards, pictures, or drawings, for example. Sometimes it might be fun to include small gifts. If possible, you should try and send something new every time you write. It will make receiving your letters more exciting. If you have many pictures from various trips or occasions, you can make your own album and send it along with the letter. Tons of websites allow you to send e-cards or short video clips.

Get sent the big video moments!

It can be fun to send your grandchildren video clips from your daily life if you have a smartphone. This will make them feel like they are a part of what you are doing without having to actually be there. You can set up the camera on a tripod and just film random things around your house or during an outing. This goes both ways, of course. You should also get the parents to send you the big moments in their lives. That way, you won’t feel like you’re missing out as much.

Consider moving closer 

If you really want to be a part of your grandchildren’s life, then moving close enough to see them regularly might be the best option for you. For example, you could move house or look at an independent living facility like assisted living Colt’s Neck NJ. This will allow you to have a more personal relationship with your grandchildren.

Video chatting is key!

There are tons of things that you probably won’t get to do once your grandchildren grow older. However, video chatting makes it possible for you both to appear as if you were right there and experiencing these great moments together. You can do this on Skype, Google Chat, or even your smartphone. It’s a great way to keep in touch with everyone you love from afar! You also don’t have to worry about the cost (if you have an unlimited data plan). Video calling will also allow your grandchildren to get used to your face.

Be prepared for disappointments 

While it can be fun to stay in touch with your grandchildren, you have to remember that sometimes circumstances will prevent you from doing so. If that happens, it’s important not to let yourself get too disappointed and focused on the negative. There will still be plenty of things for you to do together in the future.

You can’t be there for everything

Even though your grandchildren might be a little older, you can still make a difference in their lives. By staying positive and open-minded, you will find the perfect way to stay involved in their life.