The most popular casino movies

The most popular casino movies

Most people adore gambling, no matter how risky and unreasonable it may seem at first glance. Therefore, apart from non uk registered gambling sites, movies related to gambling attracts audiences of different ages and preferences just as much. If life lacks a portion of adrenaline and / or emotions, then why not plunge into the world of funny cheaters and cheating masters, feeling an accomplice to grand frauds. Thrilling plot will allow you to hide in the world of gambling for 1.5, or even 4 hours, and demonstrate the subtleties of cheating established casino system, relax and be remembered for a long time.


But not every movie on the theme of slots and casinos can amaze the actors and imprint in the memory for a long time. After all, not all stories shot on film become a masterpiece in the hands of directors. Especially for those who are just getting acquainted with the movies about fabulous winnings, failures at the gaming table and the art of cheating, we have prepared a selection of the most interesting films on the subject.
For those who are already familiar with the poker table through some movies, we suggest broadening their horizons by touching the most successful examples of movies from the following list.
Let’s start with pictures with the highest ratings by experts and which have conquered the majority of viewers.

The best movies about casinos

  • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

You don’t want to play poker with an experienced hustler, on top of that, with a criminal past. But this did not stop four fellow adventurers. And they, having saved up on 25 thousand pounds each, decided by all means to beat him. It did not work, and now instead of getting the coveted half a million they themselves owe a large sum. To pay off the bandit, the pals decide to rob the criminals, who plan the case themselves. The adventures reach the local drug lord and don’t end there.

  • The Sting

The story unfolds in the 1930s when two con men, Johnny Hooker and Luther Coleman, rob a man who turns out to be a courier for local mobsters. During the chase, one of the friends is killed, and Johnny decides to avenge his buddy with a scam by robbing a mob boss. To do this he involves poker-player and cheat Henry Gondorff. Will the crooks be able to pull off the scam and steal the jackpot? Anything is possible in this movie.

  • Casino

The title speaks for itself – it’s about a casino, but not the average or, but one of the most profitable ones in Las Vegas. Master of sweepstakes Sam Rothstein mafia bosses are tasked to monitor the work of the institution. His old friend Nicky Santoro is assigned as a guard to the professional gambler and the new manager of the casino. But fate turns away from Rothstein: his wife cheats on him with Santoro, the FBI arrests one by one junior mafia bosses. And fate brings the protagonist back to his old passion.

  • Maverick

Starring: To participate in the poker championship, the charming card player Brett Maverick needs to raise $25,000. That’s the price of a possible win of half a million dollars. And Brett begins selflessly “earning” the money, using his talent as a card player and reminding himself of his buddies who owe him money. In the course of his journey through the debtors, he meets the equally charming con artist Annabelle, a bandit nicknamed “Angel” and an old marshal. Their long journey to the tournament of the best begins.

  • Ocean’s Eleven

Once thief Danny Ocean walks out the door of the prison where he’s been serving time for theft, he’s already planning a casino heist. What’s at stake is not just an ordinary sum, but a $160 million jackpot spread over three of Las Vegas’ most prosperous casinos. But to do so, he needs to recruit a team of accomplices, and they must be experts in the field of fraud. Ocean travels with his buddy across the country and hires people to join his team. Will the gang of 11 con men manage to defraud the owner of three casinos, Terry Benedict?

  • The Hangover

Waking up the morning after the bachelor party, the three friends realize that the groom, whose wedding is due in 40 hours, has disappeared. And instead of him in their room was a tiger, a chicken and an unknown child. And that’s just the beginning – then the aftermath of the friends’ debauchery in Las Vegas, right up to the marriage of one of them to a stripper and win the other at the casino. But the pals will have to return to the casino one more time to pay off a debt to an angry Chinese man.

  • Casino Royale

One of Agent 007’s first missions takes him to the island of Madagascar. Here he must get on the trail of a terrorist organization, but the interrogation of the witness sought does not go according to plan. But, having got on a necessary trace, James Bond still reveals a connection of terrorists with a financial genius Le Chiffre who lost a large sum of money because of the terrorist act prevented by 007. The banker wants to return the money by organizing a poker tournament at the Casino Royale. That’s where Bond goes to prevent Le Chiffre from winning.


If you’re hesitant to consider which movie to start your introduction to the world of gambling, choose the highest rated pictures first. But do not forget the more modest films, which may not be distinguished by the abundance of famous actors in the frame, but carry a deep meaning.