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The Different Types of Chronic Pain That People Report Today

Did you know that chronic pain affects more than 100 million US citizens? The afflictions not only affect the people, but the loss of productivity costs businesses $300 billion each year.

Do you know the different types of chronic pain? Do you have pain that affects your overall health and wellbeing? It’s important to address these injuries whether they affect playing sports, your job, or your home life.

The following guide will explain different chronic pains and how they prevent optimal health. Read on to learn about the most common pains the health care industry sees and find out if you have symptoms.

Arthritis Pains

Arthritis is a very common disorder that causes pain and inflammation in your joints. The pain and inflammation often make it harder to move and remain active.

Different types of arthritis cause different symptoms and often require specific treatments. Arthritis commonly affects older adults but can also form at any age including childhood.

Neck Pains

Chronic neck pains can last from a few days to many years depending on their origin. Common causes include spinal stenosis, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, and pinched nerves.

Mental and physical stress contributes to neck pains. Bad posture, tumors, and other less obvious health conditions might even contribute to chronic neck pains.

Pain From Cancer

Cancer causes pain by growing and damaging nearby tissue of the affected area. It releases irritating chemicals in the area around the cancerous tumor.

Cancer may even put stress on bones, nerves, and organs and a tumor grow. Cancer tests, treatments, and surgeries also typically cause pain and discomfort.

Painful Headaches

Many people suffer from painful headaches regularly or at some point in their lives. The main symptom is pain in your head or face. Migraines are an example of chronic pains from a headache.

Headache pains are often throbbing, constant, sharp, or sometimes dull. they’re usually easily treated with medication and sometimes stress management in more mild cases.

Testicular Pain

Sudden injuries, inflammation, sexually transmitted infections, and testicular torsion are common causes of testicular pain.

Common symptoms might include a dull pain in the scrotum accompanied by swelling. Testicular pain could also be a symptom of more serious issues like testicular cancer.

Other Types of Chronic Pain

Scar tissue often causes long-lasting chronic pain. Muscle pains caused by common sports injuries also afflict many people for long periods of time. Nerve damage, also known as, neurogenic pain, causes lingering chronic pain.

Note that chronic pain is any pain lasting over 3 months. It’s important to know your options if you’re experiencing these pains anywhere. Neglecting treatment often leads to depression and loss of sleep that prolongs the pain.

Understanding Chronic Pain

Now you know some common types of chronic pain and their symptoms. If you have pain that won’t go away make sure to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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