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The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing a Venue Super Simple

Did you know that events have made a comeback and are poised to surpass even the previous two years? That’s good news for the industry, but this rise in popularity means that the event venues will have even more bookings than before. From weddings to business events, there will be a large number of customers for a finite amount of space.

Have you been thinking about having an event? If so, it’s important to learn about choosing a venue in advance. Check out this handy how-to guide before you book your next event.

Make a Budget

Whether you are looking for the best wedding venue, best corporate venue, or any other kind of venue, the first step is the same–make a budget!  It’s important to understand how much you can spend before you start your search because there are many costs associated with an event venue. Do a detailed breakdown of how much of your budget you can allot for food, entertainment, the rental space, and other vendors before making any bookings.

Consider the Event Requirements When Choosing a Venue

The next thing to think about when looking at different types of venues is what your event requires in terms of space. Do you need meeting rooms, a large auditorium, or an idyllic spot to get married? Be realistic about that and find a place that ticks all (or most) of the boxes on your wishlist.

Safety and Services

Different types of events need different services, so find out what kind you need for your event–like catering, AV services, etc. The same goes for assistance with parking and other guest needs during the event. And because of recent events, it is also a good idea to inquire about your local safety considerations for events and gatherings during this time.

Ask About Included Items

Once you’ve found your dream venue, check to see what is included in the contract before signing. Find out if the space will provide a clean-up crew, catering, and other staff. The same goes for any items like tables, dishware, linens, and necessary event items.

Custom Details

Finally, when picking a venue it’s a good idea to discuss the little extras like decor that will make the space shine. Many venues have in-house props that you can use that will add a special touch. From furniture to these giant light up numbers there are lots of cute things to rent or buy that will make your event unique.

Ready to Book a Venue?

Now that you’ve learned all about choosing a venue, you can make a decision with confidence. Begin by making a budget so that you will know ahead of time how much you can afford for the venue. Then as you go on your search, think about the needs of the guests and the requirements of the event to find the perfect space.

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