Rifle Builds: All About 80 Lower Receivers

Rifle Builds: All About 80 Lower Receivers

For any rifle enthusiast, building one from scratch means a fun experience and hours of detailed work. And during building, you might come across terms that scream military and tactical know-how. Such terms include 80 lower receivers or 80% lower jigs. These sound very technical and all, but the reality is that they are simple to learn. The bonus is that this piece is all about explaining 80 lower receivers and everything in between. You will surely build that AR-15 with more knowledge once you finish reading. Now let’s get going.

Basics Check: Lower Receivers, 80% Lower Jigs, And Receiver Blanks

A receiver is a gun frame that houses other pieces of the firearm’s action components. Numerous materials come in handy when manufacturing receivers. Some of them include steel and aluminum. Receiver blanks are uncompleted components that do not come with specific serial numbering. This aspect means that anyone who purchases blanks must do the finishing touch themselves if they want the part to function. 

The lower receiver is that part of the firearm that houses the hammer and the triggering mechanism. It rests atop the pistol grip and comes with a magazine slot. 

Next comes the 80% lower jig. It is a crucial item required to complete a receiver blank. Huge gun manufacturing companies utilize factories, workhouses, mills, and machines for the equipment. However, a DIY gunsmith will use an 80% lower jig as a replacement to the fancy equipment. Doing so yields the same results. A jig acts as a drilling template. It makes use of unique plates instructing you where to drill and cut away into the receiver.

The Advantages Of Using An 80% Lower Jig

Utilizing an 80% lower jig has a ton of benefits that do not come with pre-calibrated alternatives. Check some of them out below.

  • An 80% lower jig is not a firearm, making it readily available for purchasing.
  • You do not need an FFL or federal firearms license to get your hands on one.
  • You don’t have to serialize and register the piece.
  • You don’t require the immense military background to utilize an 80% lower jig.
  • Buying one does not involve extra charges, unlike pre-calibrated receivers.
  • A jig allows you to drill and cut your receiver to perfection.
  • Most purchases come with easy-to-follow instructions for your convenience.
  • They are a walk in the park to use, which is ideal for newbie gunsmiths.
  • Companies will deliver your online orders straight to your house. They do not have to pass any special or legal checks to go through.

Check Legalities First

The laws and regulations in each state differ. Some will require you to send a background check for your equipment. And other states have laws that mandate you to get serial numbers for what you purchase. Lower receivers and jigs do not meet the criteria to be considered a firearm. But it is paramount that you configure your equipment properly to get a green light. The next best step you can take is to check in first with your locale’s laws and other regulations as you work your build.

How Much Do 80% Lower Jigs Cost?

Because lower jigs are not technically firearms, they are easier to produce and buy. You can also go to a local gun shop and get your items there. In addition, there is the option to go online for your jig and receiver purchases. There are numerous platforms and gun specialty websites that cater to firearm goods and services. You will easily find 80 percent lower jig goodies and discounts as you search. 

Plus, they do not cost an arm and a leg to have. Most jigs amount to $40 to $80. There are also stripped lower receivers that go for $60 to $150. 

To Sum It All Up

An 80% lower jig is but a receiver blank thus it does not qualify as a firearm. As such, you can purchase it in retail outlets and online shops. You do not need to serialize or register it at all. However, this may vary from one state to another. The best bit is that having an 80 percent lower is one step further to completing that black custom-built AR-15 you’ve always wanted.