Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog Review – An AI powered Robo Dog for Learning and Fun

Do you know what’s better than having a real pet dog? A robo dog! We are not kidding, there’s a new robot dog in town called Bittle by Petoi.

Bittle Robot is a palm-sized robot dog from Petoi, a start-up company whose goal is to design cute, small and innovative pets.

The Petoi Bittle robot dog is a fun gadget that can also serve as a STEM learning robotics kit. It is designed to behave like a real dog. That means it can walk, roll around, and even play tricks.

Despite the compact size, it is packed with many great features. It can memorize different motion patterns and even learn new skills.

The Petoi Bittle robo dog is a mini wonder. If you cannot afford to have a real dog, you can consider investing in this robot pet. But, before that let’s check out the important details about this product.

Key Features of Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

You will find many robot dogs in the market, but none of them is as good as the Petoi Bittle robo dog. It is a one-of-a-kind gadget, packed with loads of interesting features.

  • Arduino board

First of all, the Bittle robo dog is customized with an Arduino board, which helps sync all complicated and intuitive movements. It allows you to attach multiple sensors to improve perception. Not just that, but you can also input AI abilities by using Raspberry Pi or AI chips through wireless or wired connections.

  • Compact design

When you think of a robo dog, you would think of a life-size dog. But Bittle is far away from your assumption.It is portable and fits perfectly in your hand. You can keep it on your desk or carry it with you wherever you go.

  • Real dog-like attributes

The most impressive thing about the Bittle robot is that it behaves just like a real dog. It can walk, play tricks, learn new skills, and roll around. This makes it an ideal robo pet and companion.

  • STEM/robotics education

The Petoi Bittle is more than just a robo pet. It can be used for STEM and robotics education for kids and adults. You can use it for researching STEM projects and teaching. So if you thought it is a toy for little kids, you are wrong.

If you care about really customizing or hacking a robot, you can modify OpenCat, the open source quadruped robotics framework that Bittle runs on.

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog Details

Now that you know about Bittle, you must be curious to know about its price. Given the features and functions of Bittle, the price tag is justified. 

The original cost of this robot dog is $329. But currently, Petoi is running a discount offer. So if you buy it now you can get it only at $299.

The best place to purchase Bittle is through their official website. This will ensure that you are buying the original product.

Pros of Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

  • Programmable gaits and behavior 
  • Powered by AI
  • Can be used for STEM projects
  • Compact design
  • Compatible with Arduino
  • Very less pricing as compared to competitors

Cons of Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

  • Suitable more for teenagers and adults with a STEM background
  • Not the cheapest compared to simple toys or unreal robo dogs that use wheels and can’t really walk or run like a real dog.   

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog Vs Other Robot Dogs

You will find many other robot dogs in the market. Some of the most popular ones are Sony Aibo Robot Dog, Boston Dynamics Spot Mini Robot Dog, and virtual Kia Robot Dog.

Petoi Bittle acts just like a real dog. But if you check out other robot dogs, you will not find the same features as Petoi Bittle.

In terms of the best robot dog comparison, Petoi Bittle is ahead of other robot dogs.

Reviews of Petoi Bittle Robot Dog vs Other Robo Dogs:

  • Petoi Bittle: 4.5/5
  • Sony Aibo Robot Dog: 4/5
  • Boston Dynamics Spot Mini Robot Dog: 3.8/5
  • Kia Robot Dog: 3.5/5

Why should you buy a Petoi Bittle robot dog?

The Petoi Bittle robot dog is different from other robot dogs. It is designed for fun as well as STEM learning. It is powered by AI that enables it to act and behave like a real dog. If you want a small robot pet, Petoi Bittle is the best option for you.

Final Verdict

After going through this robot dog comparison, one thing should be clear that Petoi Bittle robot dog is the best in the market. It is driven by AI and can be used for fun & STEM learning. On the other hand, other robot dogs are mostly just for playing as a remote controlled toy.