Ghanaians are corrupt

Osafo Marfo Warns Corrupt Ghanaians

Senior Minister Yaw Osafo Marfo has stated that all those who work less than the usual eight hours are corrupt.

Corruption is not only in terms of monetary values, but poor attitude to work that stalls productivity and cripples the country’s economy, he said on Tuesday at a stakeholders meeting on Ghana Beyond Aid in Accra.

“If you are to work eight hours and you work 2 hours and you are paid, what is it? Are you not cheating the system?” he asked

He added that working less than the usual eight hours is not the way to go as it also amounts to stealing the company’s resources which is also termed as corruption.

Yaw Osafo Marfo said in spite of the laws put in place in Ghana to end corruption, it will take a change of attitudes and mindset of the individuals to fight this menace completely.

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He questioned if institutions are getting the right output in labour, stressing that “people are supposed to work for eight hours; do people really work for eight hours”?

He urged workers to be of their best behavior in order to yield high efficiency which will help develop the country in terms of taxes. He expressed pleasure with the Labour Unions for working hand in hand with the government to boost productivity.

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