Munich walk tour: cultural tourism and exercise for a different honeymoon

Munich walk tour: cultural tourism and exercise for a different honeymoon

There are many things, historic fortresses, food markets, breweries, Holocaust memorials, Nazi headquarters, and many more things to see in Munich. Munich is truly a landmark city, being the center of the world in the first half of the 20th century. It is truly a marvel of architecture too.

Let’s take a look at what you can do and visit on a Munich walk tour. There is nothing better than to discover Munich on foot.

1. City Walk and English garden

This is the most worth seeing place when you are in Munich. During the fun time, which takes place daily during the week, you’ll discover Munich’s most famous sights like the urban area Hall, the Frauenkirche, or the Hofbräuhaus.

An experienced guide informs about exciting facts about Munich and tells compelling stories about the history, the town, and its people. Additionally to highlights like Maximilianstrasse, the Residenz, and the Feldherrnhalle, you’ll learn exciting facts and amusing anecdotes about Munich. Of course, the town walk also takes you to the gorgeous Hofgarten. The top point is that the Viktualienmarkt, which invites you to enjoy the various specialties.

2. Third Reich Tour

This tour will begin at the beginning of the Nazi party and their history, then go through to their downfall at the end of World War II in 1945. You’ll see old and infamous Nazi buildings, hear about the German resistance movement and how they rejected Nazism, and see memorials to the poor Nazi’s victims.

3. Bavarian foodstuff tour

Hungry for authentic Bavarian food and cultural experience? You certainly will already realize the heavenly taste of our famous sausages, but we’ll also introduce you to lesser-known temptations and fill you in on their delicious stories. You bring the appetite, and we’ll provide the food and, therefore, the fun!

4. Neuschwanstein and Linderhof Castle Tour

There are many castles to see when you are in Munich, but the walking tour of these palaces is worth trying. Instead, the new building developed around the forester’s house belonging to his father Maximilian II, which was located within the open space ahead of this palace and was employed.

5. Beer Garden Tour

Relax and unwind on a night bike ride in Munich and visit two beer gardens along the way. Start within the city center and make your thanks to English Garden. There, make your first stop for 45 minutes within the tavern at the Chinese tower. Savor a beer or fruit crush, and grab something to eat if you wish.

Next, see the surfers within the park, then bike along the Isar River to Munich’s beach, the “Flaucher.” Here the river has many arms and banks, making it the most straightforward place for a river swim in Munich.

Take a seat within the tree-covered tavern at the Flaucher, and luxuriate in time to drink another beer or have something to eat. The tour then returns to the town center, where it ends.

6. Dachau Memorial Tour

Arguably, the top gruesome result of Hitler’s rise to power was building the concentration and extermination camps. One among the primary of those was situated 15km to the northwest of Munich near Dachau. In 1965, a memorial to the victims was created, allowing visitors to discover the atrocities prisoners were forced to suffer. You will hear prisoners’ own experiences from the fixing of the camp until their liberation by US forces in 1945.