Most Expensive Items Money Can Buy

Most Expensive Items Money Can Buy

After winning millions from online casino gaming, you may want to spoil yourself. So what if your bank account is already full? Why not buy the things that are most expensive for money on earth? These items have been found by our research team and we’re going to show them to you. Be careful though because some of the stuff might cost more than a few million dollars or even a billion.


The yachts have become very famous in recent years. They are considered as one of the luxury goods and have great prices too. The latest model costs $80 million but it can be bought easily nowadays with all the big fortunes. It has a length of 785 ft, which means that you will use more fuel while driving around the world.

Luxury Car

If you live in a country where real estate prices keep sky-rocketing, then buying a car could be a good idea. In fact, many gambling360 casino consider buying a Mercedes Benz as a way to get rich. But do you really think about getting rich when you drive this car? No! You need an amount equal to the price of the car just to pay off the loan given to purchase such a car.


Buying an aeroplane is actually quite easy. All you need to do is put down a deposit. This amount depends on the plane’s size. However, the final payment won’t be made until after you take possession of the plane. Therefore, you should start saving at least six months before taking delivery of the plane. The first thing to look into is whether you’ll be able to finance the rest of the payment and also find out what taxes you’ll have to pay.

Jet Plane

You can’t really afford to buy a jet unless you are a millionaire. This is why some individuals fly business class. It doesn’t sound like a lot of fun but this plane is much better than other planes. The seats are designed so that they make the passengers feel comfortable. This is one advantage over other jets.