Modern Coffee Table Types

Modern Coffee Table Types

Coffee tables have been a staple piece of furniture in living rooms, especially in the Western world, for many decades now. They have been evolving from their simple table designs to some elaborate constructions to fit modern needs.

The lower, long coffee tables designed to place in front or next to the sofa set or a set of upholstered chairs are great to keep beverages, books, magazines, decorative items and other items that come in use while sitting.

  1. Shaker Coffee Tables

Shaker Coffee Tables are of a distinctive style of furniture that is a product of pine, maple or cherry wood commonly painted in blue, red, green or yellow colours. It features simple legs and dovetail drawers along with the Shaker wooden knob. Plus, its top has a slight angle.

  1. Contemporary Coffee Table

The style and design of the contemporary coffee table have been popular in recent times. Its designs often have stark interiors and bold, brighter tones. Generally, contemporary coffee tables come with a glass top and a metal base. They mostly characterise the round coffee table or rectangular coffee table shape.

  1. Modern Coffee Table

Though the words modern and contemporary are interchangeable, there is a difference between the two designs. The modern coffee table has been in the market since the late 19th century under the influence of modernism.

  1. Ottoman Coffee Table

The recent trend in the world of coffee tables is to use the Ottoman Coffee Table. Among the Ottomans as coffee tables, the Round Ottoman Coffee Table is the most popular.

  1. Parsons Coffee Table

A Parsons coffee table is a modern square legged table with equal l thickness to that of the flat top. Designed in the 1930s, its simple shape can also embellish upholstery and other distinct materials to fit in multiple designs.

  1. Mid Century Coffee Table

The mid-century modern coffee tables are simple, clean table designs available in bentwood or moulded plastic construction. Often, the wooden furniture features a simple finishing just to define its oh-so natural beauty.

  1. Industrial Coffee Table

Industrial coffee tables offer a factory style, sturdy construction utilising wood and metal materials. They are ideal for evoking contrast to a softer ambience.



Wood is always a timeless, versatile, rich and warm construction that can take many shapes, sizes and styles to build a coffee table. By far, wood is the most common surface used for coffee tables.


Metal is perhaps the second most used material that you will see when shopping for a coffee table. Though metals are sturdy, they weigh lighter than other traditional wooden constructions. Commonly they are made of sturdy steel aluminium, iron and other alloys and complemented with a glass or mix of glass and wood top.


Glass is extremely popular in the modern manufacturing process to allow a striking and versatile design. Sometimes they get connected to metal joints or other support structures, and sometimes, the construction is 100% glass.


For a comfy coffee table, an upholstered tabletop is better as it offers both sturdiness and ottoman comfort.

Height and Width

The best coffee table size typically depends on the size of your sofa set. To maintain utmost balance and functionality, the coffee table must be two-thirds of the sofa width and 5-10 cm below the height of your sofa set. Also, keep 45 cm space in between the sofa and the coffee table to move around freely.