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3 Questions to Ask Your OB-GYN

Women’s health is essential at all stages of life. Equally important is having access to healthcare insurance and services. Next is a good rapport with your gynecologist.

Scheduling an annual women’s health appointment is something every woman should do. There are yearly exams to help detect various forms of cancer and other health conditions. Keeping a health diary will help you prepare for upcoming appointments and a reminder of concerns you might have.

Keep reading for four questions you should ask your OB-GYN on your next visit.

Initial Questions for Your Doctor

When you contact any medical provider, you want to ask if they accept your medical insurance. Next, ask when is the next available appointment. This is vital if you are experiencing pains or symptoms.

Once you’ve secured an appointment with a gynecologist, use the initial meeting to discuss your medical history. Let the OB-GYN know of all pre-existing conditions and if they can offer continued treatment.

Discuss any medications you’re currently prescribed and all medical procedures you’ve undergone. A Boca Raton ObGyn will also have questions for new patients. Answer them honestly to ensure you receive the best treatment.

Following Questions to Ask Your OB-GYN

Once you’ve covered the initial questions, it’s time to dig deeper into your concerns. Ask questions confidently, and keep asking until you’re satisfied you have answers you can understand.

1. Is There Significance in Body Changes?

As we age, our body changes. We may feel aches and pains we’ve never experienced before. Weight gain is also a standard change that could be cause for concern.

The gynecologist will assess the cause by inquiring about the life changes the patient has experienced. Often a change in diet and exercise is the cure.

2. What Is the Annual Screening Schedule?

Different tests are specific to women. Questions to ask your OB-GYN in regards to health screenings include age and frequency.

Women should begin having annual screenings following their first menstrual cycle or when they become sexually active. Yearly breast exams are recommended annually starting at age 40. However, individuals with a family history of cancer will want to discuss this with their gynecologist to understand their risks.

If any test comes back positive, ensure all questions for your doctor are answered, and you have a clear understanding of what needs to happen.

3. How to Prepare for Pregnancy?

For women planning to have children, questions to ask your OB-GYN will include your ability to conceive and possible complications. If you’re currently on birth control, ask how soon you can conceive once you stop taking the pill or have a transplant removed.

Not all gynecologists are practicing obstetricians. If your doctor does not deliver babies, you’ll need to discuss referrals and designated hospitals.

Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Annual Exam

These four questions to ask your OB-GYN are just examples of questions that can lead to a healthy partnership with your doctor. Patients that are open to discussing their health concerns have a higher rate of early diagnosis.

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