Long Distance Relationships: All You Need to Know

Long Distance Relationships: All You Need to Know

During the time of the pandemic, more and more people started long-distance relationships or had to stay away from their partners for a long amount of time. It was a difficult time for everyone, and many relationships ended because of the difficulties distance can cause two people.

If you’re in an LDR or thinking of starting one, you probably have a lot of questions and anxiety about how things are. A lot of people talk about why long-distance relationships fail but not enough talk about how to make them work. To help you out with that, here are all the things you need to know about making your long-distance relationship strong.

Pros and Cons of Long Distance Relationships

LDRs might sound hard, but they can be so rewarding. You will miss one another and it will be hard when you can’t be together during birthdays and anniversaries. Despite all the difficulties though, LDRs make people work hard to keep each other happy.

They make couples learn how to communicate better, prioritize each other and be honest. These are all qualities that make the time apart worth it and help couples to form true bonds which can keep them going strong through the years.

Talk about the rules and boundaries of the relationship

The first thing you need to do with your partner is make sure you are both on the same page. Is this relationship going to be strictly exclusive or would you want to be able to go on dates too? How committed are you to one another?

These are all things you need to be open about and discuss in the very early stages of the relationship. This will ensure the longevity of the relationship and ensure you won’t come across any uncomfortable situations.

Prioritize communication no matter what

The number one thing that helps every relationship last and continues growing is communication. Even though you and your partner might be apart you still have the opportunity to communicate and talk about everything.

The internet has given people in LDRs the opportunity to be connected at all times. Make sure you always discuss problems and happy moments with your partner. The more you keep each other in the loop about what is happening in your everyday life, the better it will feel when you two meet.

“If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.” – Anonymous

Don’t discuss very serious matters over texts

While it is great to be able to talk to one another over texts and stay in contact all the time, it is not a good idea to discuss important matters over text. This can create a problem in your communication as you can easily misinterpret something the other person said.

It is better to give each other a call and discuss everything in this way. This will allow you both to solve any questions and make sure that you can ensure nothing will be left in the wind.

Find things to do together

Even though you might be miles apart, there are always ways to have fun dates with the person you love. One great idea is to arrange movie dates where you can tune in through Facetime and just enjoy each other’s company while watching your favorite movies and shows.

You can also do the same with dinner dates, where you can both help each other cook a meal while you video chat and then enjoy it together. Just because you aren’t in the same room, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun dates together. These experiences will truly help you understand just how much you love each other’s company.

Find ways to make each other feel special

When you have to spend time apart, it might feel like doing things for one another is a little tricky. There are a lot of things you can do to make each other feel special though. You can make them a collage with your pictures, send them a handwritten letter or even surprise them with flowers.

Find ways to make each other feel special

You can always get a common friend or a family member to help you out. As long as you have the good intentions to do something to make your significant other smile, there are many ways to achieve that. And you especially don’t have to go all out and spend a ton of money for a surprise, unless you want and can afford to. The thought in these cases is what matters the most, especially when it comes to younger couples.

Always be honest with one another

Another important thing for LDRs is honesty. Being honest when you feel a certain way or when you made a mistake is crucial. Even though the other person is far, lying is not going to end in something good. Whether you met online through an app such as the Taimi app or in person, you need to be just as honest with one another.

If you care about each other, you need to make sure that no lies will come between you. Discussing everything and being open and honest about your thoughts and actions will get you through the distance and the hard days. It will help build trust and help you both mature and grow through this relationship together.

Meet one another as frequently as possible

If you’re very far from one another, it might only be possible to see each other very limited times during the year. Many believe that seeing each other such a few times is what kills long-distance relationships but many couples can prove this wrong. Making plans in advance for these situations will truly make them special and help you enjoy your time together even more.

One thing you should keep in mind is that there might be emergencies you will need to plan for. Sometimes the distance will be too hard to deal with and you might need to plan an emergency visit to one another. Birthdays, graduations, and other special situations might come up so you should plan for these situations, even if they are a surprise to one of you.

Have a common goal in mind

The final common goal for every long-distance relationship should be openly discussed between two partners. Do you want this to lead to a relationship that lasts long or are you not quite there yet mentally? Even if you just see each other living together in the future, you should probably have a common goal in mind.

You don’t have to make any grand plans about marriage and kids. Even something as simple as planning your next trip together can mean a lot to both of you and bring you closer together. This will make the distance a lot more tolerable and help you both have something to look forward to for the future.

Long-distance relationships might be hard but are so worth it

One of the things you need to keep in mind is that every relationship will be different and you will need to put a lot of effort into making yours work. Just because you two are apart doesn’t mean you won’t be as committed or in love. It is really easy to focus on reasons why long-distance relationships don’t work, but making it work will be worth all the effort.

Checking in frequently with each other and putting each other first are among some of the things that will help you survive the distance. Remember that this won’t last forever and soon enough you will be together again, and this feeling is exactly why long-distance relationships are worth it, despite the hardships.