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Leveling the Playing Field: A Guide to Handicap Betting

Do you love to bet? Perhaps you know the basics, and now you’re wanting to learn more. Then you will probably wish to understand handicap betting and how it can improve your game.

What what is handicap football betting and what is a great example of handicap betting?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Losing The Game

If one player loses sports game, it shows you that this is an example of handicap betting. This is where you support the team that was handicapped as the winner, but the team lost when the actual game took place.

This also shows you the bet on the handicap line, where you support a team that has won the game but lost and bet that the team has not won enough to cover the line.

Understanding how handicaps work is key to understanding how betting odds in general work.

3-Way Bet Line

The 3-way bet line is handicap betting as we know it, offering the chance to support the winning team or you can stake on the handicap draw. This is a different way of betting and is unique on the 3-way bet line as you can either support the draw or use a handicap to level the field. This is double handicap betting.

In this kind of handicap betting, there is a perceived difference in strengths and weaknesses of the two teams collaborating against each other and a bias is attributed to both teams.

To counteract the different strengths of each team in the NFL, handicap bet lines make the game more even.

If you want to know where to and how to place a handicapped bet you may wish to read the doc sports review for some helpful info.

Competing Fairly

The handicap system allows bookmakers to compete fairly, or at least offer a tempting prize to each team. You have probably heard of the handicap market, known as the point spread, as it is used by professional betting providers and the mainstream media to determine each team’s chances of winning.

In the point spread market, when a side is given a point advantage, the team is closer to the money, which is why it is the biggest action in NFL betting.

Unlike traditional 1×2 bets in football, handicap bets get rid of any difference that the team “ability and use the superiority of the goal to establish who won.

In handicap football betting bookmakers assign a hypothetical goal bias in favor of the team that is the underdog, which is used as an indicator of an advantage.

You can take advantage of a team being the favorite in an Asian handicap bet by giving the underdog an equal advantage, making the bet more competitive.

Leveling The Fields

A handicap is a betting system that tries to level the playing field when a game appears somewhat one-sided. With betting on sports a hot new fixture on Wall Street, it makes sense to learn about handicaps if you’re serious about betting.

To keep it simple, betting on a handicap involves something that gives a team or player an advantage. Handicaps are a popular bet in a variety of sports, from football to rugby to the NFL.

In many sports, where a team is a big favorite against its opponent, the likelihood of a bet can be unattractive and dissuade people from betting on it.

To level the playing field, some bookmakers offer higher odds of winning, drawing, or losing by placing a handicap bet on a team that has to achieve criteria. In the NFL, handicap betting and rugby follow an identical pattern, in which a team wins or loses by a certain score.


The bookmaker aims to create a handicap line that takes into account the odds of each team winning, and the handicap is expressed as a target point that should be as close as possible to 50%. This means that handicaps only apply to games where the actual winner is considered a “market winner” by the bookmaker.

In the world of football betting, odds makers offer what is known as a handicap in football betting to level the playing field between the betting providers and the winning team.

A handicap is an imaginary course applied to bet on the outcome. Handicaps have been used for decades on bets and help make the two outcomes more even.

The Asian Handicap

Asian handicap betting is a type of gambling on football where teams are handicapped based on their form, with the stronger team winning by more goals and the players betting that they will win.

To participate in Asian handicaps require you must bet on one team against another, reducing the number of possible outcomes from three to two and eliminating the possibility of a tie.

This is a form of gambling that creates an equal playing field. Two unequal competing teams receive a handicap before kick-off, which is expressed as a target point.

If you fancy a favorite to win by a two or three-goal margin, the Asian handicap offers are great. Asian handicaps are designed to create a level playing field and allow any chance of such an outcome, but the chances of participating in these games and making potential gains are very small.

Handicap Betting: You Can Figure It Out

You may not be able to predict every NFL game, but if you have watched a few games this week, you can be sure that at least one team crosses the handicap line with a probability of more than 53%.

In a rugby match, England is the favorite to beat Scotland by a handicap (see Scotland’s score of seven points, expressed as their 7% handicap bet).

In this scenario, if you place a 7% bet on England and England wins the game by 6 points or less, your bet will be won by one of the handicaps on the market. This is handicap betting in a nutshell.

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