Lawmakers flee chamber after snake falls from roof

Lawmakers in the south-western Nigerian state of Ondo abandoned their session on Thursday as a snake dropped from the roof, local media are reporting.

Members were about to begin the business of the day when the snake dropped from a hole in the ceiling, bringing the day’s work to an abrupt end as legislators and spectators in the gallery fled.

Snake falls from lawmakers chamber

A lawmaker quoted by online newspaper Premium Times

, said the snake did not bite anyone and was “eventually killed and burnt”. Another report said the snake slithered away, unhurt.

“That chamber is no longer safe for legislative business and because of that, we decided to adjourn indefinitely. The house will be going on an indefinite recess”, lawmaker Olugbenga Omole is quoted in Premium Times as saying.

Fumigation of the complex has been planned for Friday while the lawmakers are away.