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Law Firm Marketing: 4 Proven Tips to Grow Your Customer Base

Did you know that there are over 430,000 law firms in the USA?

Thanks to the solid legal structure in the USA and the potential to make sizeable profits many people stream into the legal profession each year.

This can lead to a crowded market in many places, with many law firms competing for the same customers.

If you are working in the legal industry, do you have a law firm marketing strategy? Do you have a plan for getting your firm’s portfolio and skillset out in front of customers?

If you want to build your customer base and get your firm the recognition it deserves, why not try applying the following tips?

1. Practice Word-of-Mouth Advertising

Despite the technical age of law firm digital marketing that we live in, word of mouth advertising is still very effective. Simply encouraging your clients to talk to their friends about their positive experience with you will bring in customers.

Some companies claim that they get as much as half of their clients through word-of-mouth marketing.

What is the key to getting customers to pass on their experience with your company? On to point number 2.

2. Build Trusting Relationships

If your customers have a very good (or very bad) experience with your firm they will be sure to tell their friends. So your goal is to build a relationship with each person that walks through your door.

While this might seem difficult in the current situation where relationships are conducted over video conference, it is still vital. Face-to-face discussions and ensuring that the client feels important to you are important.

3. Maximise the Potential of Your Website

As any law firm marketing agency will tell you, your website is the portal that people will use to reach you, especially when they make initial contact. For this reason, it is important to make your website as accessible as possible and as easy to navigate as possible.

Why not employ a law firm SEO company that can help you increase your traffic? Many law firm internet marketing companies encourage the use of testimonials to increase the genuineness of your site, do you have customers who will give a testimonial?

4. Create Educational Content

One of the effective law firm marketing strategies is to create content that people will refer to and link to. This could be highly beneficial educational content or information about the legalities of frequently encountered situations.

Why not consider a newsletter, an ebook, or other campaigns that people will want to read and thus be reminded about your great skills and services?

Effective Law Firm Marketing and Much More

If you are working ins a law firm you likely have a powerful portfolio and history of cases. However, unless you know how to market your skills and history then you will have little opportunity to grow your customer base.

By following these law firm marketing tips you will be able to expand your customer base and get the attention your firm deserves.

If you are interested in learning more about this and similar subjects, we are here to help you. Why not take a few minutes and check out our blog page for more information?