KissAnime Working Sites and Alternatives

KissAnime Working Sites and Top Alternatives to Download Anime Free

If you are a die-hard anime lover, you would want a website containing all the anime you want to watch. Luckily, there are plenty of anime websites out there. But the most prominent of them all is KissAnime.

There are high chances that many of you have already used this site before. Kissanime website is one of the best places to stream anime shows. Here you can find anime, manga, cartoons, images, dubbed video clips, and more. It is one of the best anime websites out there.

Unfortunately, Kissanime real website is discontinued due to unavoidable circumstances. It’s because of this reason otakus cannot access the site anymore. The good thing is there are other anime websites to replace Kissanime.

If you are interested to know more about Kissanime website and its alternatives, then you will need to read this article till the end.

What is KissAnime?

Kissanime is one of the biggest anime streaming websites known to anime lovers. It is considered the world’s largest anime streaming and download portal. Unlike other anime websites, it allows users to both stream and download anime from their website.

The best thing about Kissanime is that offered HD quality content to users. Even though it was a free and illegal site, it never led users to compromise on their streaming experience.

Kissanime website is illegal because it offered copyrighted and pirated content. In other words, they offered content that they didn’t own. To get more users on the platform, they offered the content for free. So, users didn’t have to pay a single penny to stream the content.

Compared to other anime sites, Kissanime offered a wide selection of anime, manga, cartoons, and TV series. You could both stream and download anime videos from this site.

As many of you may know Kissanime real website is not accessible anymore. The website was discontinued due to certain reasons. We will be discussing that in the next section. The good thing is there are plenty of other websites to serve as Kissanime replacement.

Here is the Kissanime website link

If you are unable to access the official Kiss Anime website, i.e.

Then you can use the below proxy sites and mirror links to access the website and download your favorite anime. 

Here are the working KissAnime Proxy Links and Mirror Sites list:

What happened to KissAnime?

To keep it short and simple, Kissanime original website was shut down by copyright holders. 

Kissanime is a pirated website that hosted copyrighted links and content. It provided copyrighted content for free and without the knowledge of the owner of the content. This led to a violation of the copyright acts, which eventually caused the website to shut down. So if you are unable to access Kissanime anymore, it’s because the site is discontinued.

The site was banned permanently by the Japanese government in August 2020. We don’t think it has any chances of coming back. But there’s nothing to get disheartened, as there are plenty of other alternatives available. You can access any of the Kissanime alternative and stream your favourite anime series and movies. Some of these sites are even better than Kissanime.

Features of KissAnime Website

There’s no denying that there exist many anime streaming websites. But there are certain things about KisAnime that make it stand out from the rest. The main features of Kiss anime are:

  • It has a huge collection of anime movies, series, manga, and more. It offered content subbed and dubbed in English.
  • The site was free. Users could easily access the site to stream their favourite anime series without paying a single penny.
  • It offered HD quality content to give the best streaming experience to users.
  • The site allowed users to both stream and download content from the site.
  • It features a simple interface with multiple genres to choose from including. Some of the popular genres include comedy, horror, fighting, romance, adventure, and more.
  • The website was updated regularly with new and fresh content.
  • The site also provided customer support via email or call to solve the issues experienced by users.
  • The website supported ads as it was a free streaming platform.

Top KissAnime Alternatives

Since Kissanime website is permanently shut down you cannot access it anymore. But that doesn’t imply you cannot stream or download anime for free. There are several websites like Kissanime that you can go to. To save your time and effort, we have done the heavy lifting for you. We have handpicked some of the top Kissanime alternatives for you. The details of each of the sites are provided below.

  • 9Anime

If there’s any anime website that is better than Kissanim, then it has to be 9Anime. It is one of the best places to look for anime. This website is just like Kissanime as it allows you to both stream and download content from the site.

9Anime has millions of active users who rely on the site for their daily dose of anime videos. The site has a database of 25,000 shows, while new ones are being added on request. The extremely intuitive interface makes it easier for users to navigate through the site. The shows are well categorized into different categories and genres. However, the site does have ads but that’s their way of earning money so that they can offer free content to you all.

  • AnimeLab

Next up, we have AnimeLab, a site that offers you full-length episodes of various anime series. The best thing about this website is that it is legal. They offer thousands of anime shows for free.

One of the many good things about AnimeLab is that it is supported by most devices including Android, iOS, PlayStation, Apple TV, Xbox, and even Chromecast. The site also offers information on anime series. When you move your cursor on any anime series on the home page, it gets flipped to show you information about the show. The only downfall is that the site is exclusively available for New Zealand and Australian users. 

  • Chia-Anime

Chia-Anime is yet another website that is considered to be a true KissAnime alternative. First of all, both of the sites are free and both offer a great collection of anime series movies and videos. But compared to Kissanime, Chia-Anime has a messier interface.

Once you open the website, you will notice ads residing all over the site, which makes browsing a little difficult. But otherwise, the website is good enough for streaming anime. Like Kissanime, it allows you to both stream and downloads anime from the website. Besides that, it also offers subbed and dubbed anime series to watch.

  • AnimeFreak

Chances are that you already know about this site. AnimeFreak is one of the very popular anime websites out there. It comes with a massive collection of high-quality anime series. The best part is that all the content available on the site is free to access.

You can start watching anime instantly without signing up or anything. It has a user-friendly interface, which is similar to most other websites. You will find different categories of anime and browse them by alphabetical order, genre, the latest release, and so on.

  • Anime Streams

Anime Streams is a leading anime streaming site on the web. Here on this website, you can find a huge collection of anime videos and movies. If you are a true anime lover you will surely live on this site. You can access all their content for free. Despite being a free website, it offers HD quality content, so you can enjoy all your favourite anime shows to the fullest.

This site has an advanced search option that helps you to find the anime you want to watch in a jiffy. You will find different categories of anime mentioned on this site. This includes English dubbed and subbed, a-z list, and so on. You can even place a request for your favourite anime if it’s not on the website.

  • Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll was introduced in 2006 and is one of the best Kissanime alternatives you will find on the internet. If you want an unlimited collection of anime series, then this site is for you. You can watch your favourite anime shows in Japanese, English, and other languages.

Unlike other anime streaming websites, Crunchyroll is legal, and therefore, you don’t have to worry about accessing this site. It offers more than 20,000 anime episodes and about 15,000 hours of officially licensed content to watch. But the catch is that you will have to pay to access all the content. The free version offers only limited content to watch.

  • Daisuki

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to Kissanime, then Daisuki could be a great option. This site may not be as popular as the other ones on the list, but it has a good collection of anime to offer. It is a full-fledged anime site that offers HD quality content to stream.

For those unversed, Daisuki is created by real anime companies, and therefore, it offers all kinds of anime possible. You can even find the rarest anime series on this site. Well, this is what makes it different from the other anime sites. To access the available content, you will need to first sign-up on the website. Also, you will have to use only the iOS & Android apps of Daisuki when you sign up for it. The well-categorized interface makes it easier to browse through the site and create a playlist to watch later.

  • Anime Planet

If you are a hardcore anime lover, you must have heard about this site. Anime-Planet is one of the oldest and most popular websites. It has a collection of 45,000 legal anime episodes. The website is professionally designed and is free to access. It is also an Anime-Planet community where you can connect and interact with other anime lovers.

Anime-Planet has different categories of anime mentioned on the site. This includes popular manga this week, the newest manga recommendations, the newest anime recommendations, and so on. Not just that, but the site also provides details about top loved characters, top hated characters, and more.

  • Anime Land

Lastly, we have Anime Land, which is yet another Kissanime replacement. This website offers dubbed anime lists, dubbed dragon ball super, anime movies, dubbed Naruto online, and One Piece. It means you can watch all the hit and popular anime in just one place.

The good thing about this site is that it features all types of anime, even the ones that are newly released. It is claimed to be the biggest anime dubbed website out there. They offer videos that range in quality from 480P to 1080P HD. You can straightway start watching the anime available on the website, without having to sign-up or anything.

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There is no doubt that Kissanime is a great website to stream and download animes. Now that the website is permanently shut, you cannot access it anymore. But there’s nothing to worry about as you have other alternatives to Kissanime. You can go to any of the mentioned websites in the post and enjoy streaming anime for free.


Which KissAnime is safe?

KissAnime is an illegal website and therefore, it is never safe to access such a site. This site is reported to contain malware and viruses, and thus, making it completely unsafe to access the website.

Is KissAnime illegal?

Yes, KissAnime real website is 100% illegal. It provides copyrighted content which is illegal under the law. Accessing or downloading content from the website can have serious consequences if you get caught.

Is KissAnime shut down?

Yes, Kissanime has been shut down permanently on 24 August 2020 by the Japanese government. So having any hopes for the site to come back is useless.

Why did kiss anime shut down?

Kissanime was an illegal anime website. It was banned by the copyright holders as the site provided content without their permission. Due to the violation of copyright laws, the site got permanently banned by the Japanese government.

Is KissAnime RU Safe 2021?

Many users claim that KissAnime RU is safe to access. But the site contains many ads which could lead you to a malicious website.

Does KissAnime have a virus?

The KissAnime website itself doesn’t have any viruses. But it could lead you to virus-infected and malicious websites if you click on the ads posted on the website.

Is KissAnime on Reddit?

Yes, there is KissAnime on Reddit. KissAnime Reddit allows you to ask questions and discuss various stuff about animes.