Its wickedness to set up a man for his downfall; Sam George defends National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah

Member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, Sam George, has mounted a spirited defense for National Security Minister, Kan Dapaah, indicating that he (Kan Dapaah) was set up by persons within his own party.

“State craft on display. Set a man up, play coy, orchestrate calls for his resignation and pressure him to resign. Just so you bring the ‘greater evil’ of the two to control our national security. We live in dangerous times as a Nation,” the lawmaker posted on Facebook.

“Wicked, very wicked people run affairs of State. No one is safe from the cabal. Not even one of their own. Pray and stay woke. Always!” he added.

The Minister who did not know he was being recorded, was seen in the video call at his hotel room, speaking about how how he missed his lover.

The lady who did not show her face, asked the Minister to show his full face so that no one will doubt if the video is uploaded on social media and it is very embarrassing how the Minister allowed himself to be trapped.
Ken Dapaah

Also when the lady asked the minister whether he wants to hug her, he said “You know your hug put me to sleep”.

The lady in the video asked Ken Dapaah to show him the kind of dress he was wearing which he said was pyjamas.

When asked whether he misses her, an enthusiastic Minister answered “Of course, of course!”

Watch the video: (VIDEO) Your hug put me to sleep – National Security Minister love affair with side chic leaks