Is Getting a Life Coach Certification Worth It?

Is Getting a Life Coach Certification Worth It?

Are people always coming to you asking for advice and feedback on what they should do with their life? Have you been labeled the ‘counselor’ of your circle of friends and family?

Maybe you should consider a life coach certification. Most certifications aren’t even that long – they take from 16 to 100 hours to complete. Turn your hobby into a vocation that allows you to impact the world.

In fact, there’s so much of a need that a study by ICF says a life coach salary is $61,900 on average in North America.

Read on to see why getting a life coach certification is absolutely worth it!

Getting a Life Coach Certification Gives You the Credibility You Seek

The great thing about becoming a life coach is that you don’t actually need any kind of certification, to begin with. So you could just put up some shingles in the form of a website and start marketing yourself as a coach.

BUT, getting a life coach certification builds credibility and gives you a foundation that will help you help more people than you ever imagined.

Without a life coach certification, you might feel like you are a random person off the street giving good advice to people in need. But you won’t ever feel like you could go beyond just being a friend/advisor to people.

With a certification, you could start building your business, so that you could even start hiring other life coaches to work for you. Imagine the myriad possibilities!

How to Become a Life Coach That Makes Waves in the Business

As you might imagine, there are hundreds of coaches out there. So how you do distinguish yourself from the masses?

If you want to know how to become a life coach that stands out from the rest, the first step would be to choose the right life coach certification. This is a crucial step in your journey to becoming a life coach.

Your certification will determine how confident you are in your capability to help others. That confidence will shine through and manifest even more clients for you in the long run. Referrals will pop in like mad.

That’s when your business will sustain itself through word-of-mouth without you having to lift a finger.

Your wish to help people and your desire to help them be successful is a great start. A certification will solidify that intention even further.

Remember that you wish to choose a life coach certification program that’s certified by the International Coaching Federation to give yourself that extra credibility.

Becoming a Certified Life Coach Is Well Worth the Effort

If you are interested in making a living helping people live at their highest potential, then a life coach certification is for you.

You’ve been helping others pro bono for years now. Why not get paid for it?

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