Artificial Disc Replacement

The benefits arising from artificial disc replacement

Pretty much like the other type of body structures, the spinal cord is prone to degeneration in due course of time. Physical trauma along with repetitive stress is all going to wear down with the use of spinal discs. Even if enough degeneration is going to occur, the vertebrae or the disc might shift whereby it might end up compressing the key structures. So on all counts disc replacement in Turkey appears to be the best solution.. Regular exercise along with physical therapy might help in the treatment of damaged discs but when things get out of control surgery works out to be the best option.

Once the question of addressing a spinal cord issue emerges with the help of an operation, a couple of operations are done mainly. One of them is the disc replacement and the other works out to be spinal fusion. With the latter it involves where you are going to combine a couple of vertebrae together so that the stress is taken away. It prevents it from shifting and works out to be a perfect solution of sorts. A lot of surgeons are opting for an artificial disk replacement in Turkey as the benefits tend to be immense.

Artificial spinal discs and their benefits

As compared to the traditional spine surgery an artificial surgery is bound to have a series of benefits. A major benefit tends to include if you are going to have an artificial disc inserted and it is in place of a degenerative disc

  • Superior mobility- as the artificial disc goes on to mimic any form of a healthy disc in the spine it is going to provide a series of benefits. With a fusion operation it is bound to restrict mobility of the spine, whereas an artificial disc replacement provides the much needed mobility and flexibility.
  • Prevention of other types of disc function- the use of artificial disc replacement ensures that the spine tends to be naturally flexible. Hence it is going to preserve the health emerging from the spine discs. With a fusion the segment might not be able to bend naturally as it is being channelized to the remaining vertebrae discs. With artificial disc replacement it is going to prevent the future type of disc issues emerging in other type of spinal segments.
  • Long lasting and safe- All credit to the improvements in medical technology, artificial discs tend to be durable and easy to implant. It indicates that the disc is not going to break at any point of time in the future and might not require future surgery.
  • Quick recovery- For most of the patients recovery from an artificial disc replacement is much lesser than a spinal fusion. Most of the patients are back to the routine activities like running within three months of the operation.

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To conclude the traditional form of spinal fusion makes the use of bone grafts. It does carry an enormous amount of risk along with complications. The latter does not use any bone grafts. To know more checkout Medigence.