Indigenous Land and People

Indigenous Land and Its People Have a Chance to Heal

NAIDOC Week Celebrates Aboriginal Culture

Naidoc Week creates an opportunity for all those who have an indigenous background to progress through the healing process and to learn more about their own history and culture. NAIDOC week was created by the council to create a week that allows for education, celebration, and awards for those who have helped to retain aspects of aboriginal culture in the area. The entire week is focused on education, tradition, and building a strong community that respects others and provides equal opportunities for everyone.

Connect with the Program in July 2022

The entire week is focused on the culture that was in place before colonization and to help celebrate every aspect of that culture. It offers an opportunity for people to learn more about the past of their own families and celebrate the parts that they are most proud of. It is important to protect the culture of those who have departed and to keep their culture alive for future generations. In the focus city, the awards ceremony will show appreciation and recognition for those who have achieved their goals and helped to improve the lives of those who live within their community. There is a lifetime achievement award, female elder award, male elder award, sportsperson, and a youth award. These go to those who have done the most for their community and are working towards unity, equality, and human rights for everyone. This celebration includes culturally appropriate music or dance and helps to honor not only the people but the culture and community they are working to improve. In July 2022, the GetUp! Stand Up! Show Up! NAIDOC Week will be celebrated from July 3 to July 10. There will be celebrations and events all over Australia, and the focus city of Narrm, or Melbourne, will host the awards ceremony for the year. Here there will be awards for the Indigenous people who have supported their community and helped to support equality, human rights, and protect the culture throughout the year. Nominations are now being accepted for the focus city for 2023.Other ways to connect are to nominate people for the awards, schedule events that can be listed on the website, grant applications to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous communities are now being accepted and will support local activities around the country. A poster competition has begun that will collect poster ideas from artists anywhere in Australia. Updates of the events and activities are available on the website, the Facebook page, and Instagram. Many community events will be held throughout the week, and almost every community will be participating in some way. All are welcome to join any of the many celebrations, and many will attend their local community BBQs, parades, tournaments, concerts, and other events. Planning and listing local events is an ideal way to connect to the NAIDOC and to add to the occurrences of the week.