How to Set Player Price in Madden 21 Auction House

Any business dreams of winning mergers and procurements, and also even if it does, it is required to obtain another company to control the market. This suggests that consumers will certainly no longer be the ones that define item prices. The price will now be established by the seller, which naturally indicates a very considerable revenue possibility. Set price, additionally referred to as a syndicate, is thought about unfaithful by some players; however, the truth is that it is a great marketing approach. It is among one of the most sophisticated trading technologies in Madden 21 Ultimate Team. It includes getting the same card wholesale so that you can identify its cost on the market and earn high profits. This is not a straightforward method, even if it indicates a lot of accessibility and a practical budget plan, yet the earnings are exceptional.

To apply this approach, you must comprehend the market and pick the particular niche market you will undoubtedly assault. Prioritize your focus to one card, and preferably, you will obtain no more prolonged pack cards offer for sale. Try to buy all of these products on the market, besides pricey items. After buying almost all the cards, please shop them for a minimum of a couple of hours. This will certainly make the market feel the absence of these cards, and players will be willing to pay high MUT Coins.

The next step is to monetize your investment. You can market these cards at the cost you desire. Because you hold nearly every card, you can establish the price. If you are as well ambitious, you might not locate any person happy to pay for it. Given that the objective is to be the single owner of the card, you must remain to buy it even after the sale begins. In this case, please recognize all the sold cards at a cost less than the price you set.

The fixed price is very popular among Madden 21 Ultimate Team players. However, due to its complexity, it is rarely used. Please read our tips carefully to use this method successfully:

You don’t need to buy all the cards.

Many price-fixed beginners believe that to set a price, and they need to buy all the cards. This is not true.

If you apply this method to a specific card, you do not need to purchase a card with a higher price than the set price.

If your goal is to set the price at x MUT 21 coins, then all the higher-priced cards on the market have nothing to do with you because they will not bring you profit and will not disturb your plan.

Don’t price separately.

Because you have to monitor all the cards released on the market and need a huge budget, this method requires a lot of work. It is only suitable for certain people.

Many players choose to cooperate with others to apply it because the chances of success are more significant. They can monitor the market anytime, anywhere and have higher investment liquidity.

Store as many cards as possible

One of the fixed price issues has to do with the storage location of all cards. The most common solutions are:

-Cooperate with other participants to fix prices;

-Obtain the items with the added transfer list and transfer target in the EAS FC catalog (if you are determining the price of consumables, you don’t need it);

Use another account temporary storage card (we do not recommend you to use this trick because we think it lacks fair competition and you need to pay 5% tax).

The correct choice of cards can set the price.

Most players choose the wrong card for pricing. They did this because they did not realize that the FUT 19 market operates as a real market.

The fewer cards in the auction, the easier it is to set a high price.

Choosing a gold card or a top-rated card is a bad strategy. They are released continuously in packaging, and it will be difficult for you to monitor them and buy them. If you have enough budget, the ideal target for a fixed price is the In Form card. They are released in packages for a limited time, which means you can easily control them and set the desired price.

Don’t sell many cards at once

When you start selling purchased cards, do not put many cards in the auction at once. Remember, rarity is what makes them valuable.

Also, avoid placing several cards in a row on the transfer market. You are fixing the Madden 21 Coins, and buyers will tend to give up buying.

Pricing technology is widely used because it can achieve profits that other trading methods cannot provide. Only in this way can it prove all the work it needs to do.

Besides having a complete understanding of the market and having a sufficient budget to purchase all existing and emerging cards, this method also requires stringent and practical requirements. If you are distracted for a few hours, when you come back, you will find that the market is flooded with cheap cards, which will reduce the value of all your stocks.