How to Sell Land without a Realtor: A Closer Look

Want to try to sell land without a realtor? The idea might give some a bit to worry about, but not anymore.

There are an increasing number of benefits you stand to gain when selling land or your own. The only thing is you’ve got to know how to do it to make the most of it.

Here are some tips to sell land and real estate without having to include a realtor in your money-making plans.

Hire an Inspector

Even if you did hire a realtor part of selling land and property is having it inspected to provide an overall update on the status of your land. The first thing you need to do is find a qualified inspector to perform a survey of the land.

This will help you gain a deeper understanding of the changes and repairs you need to address before selling property. After the inspection is complete prioritize the repairs that need to be made and addressed first because those are going to be the most important ones.

As you consider which repairs to make and others to leave alone evaluate the amount of money you’ll need to put into each repair and make your final decision from there. After deciding which repairs to make you can move forward with hiring the necessary contractors.

Don’t forget to keep a running file of the changes you’ve made in case it’s requested by the potential buyer you hope to sell the land to.

Do Market Research

In real estate conducting market research is an important part of the job. Without doing market research you won’t have a clear understanding of how homes in the area around you are priced.

This could leave you pricing your home under market value or above it. The price you select for your land should be in a sweet spot to attract buyers to make an offer.

The best way to set a reasonable price and will help you make the profit you’re looking for is to have a property appraiser come out. They’ll walk your property and provide you with a value based on the condition of the property and what they know about the properties in the surrounding area.

Advertise the Property

No one will know you’re selling land if you don’t advertise it properly. When you create a listing for the property ensure you list the features of the property and other features that will help it stand out and catch the eye of potential buyers.

Always be honest about your property because hiding things will negatively affect future properties you hope to sell. If you want to learn more on selling land, there’s more in-depth information for you to check out.

How to Sell Land Without a Realtor

It’s not hard to sell land without a realtor, especially if you consider the tips we’ve provided above. Make sure you advertise the property and have an appraisal performed.

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