How To Prevent Injuries in Car Accidents in California

How To Prevent Injuries in Car Accidents in California

Are you a resident of California looking for ways to avoid having a car accident? There are an average of over six million automobile accidents in the United States each year!

Although there are millions of crashes around the country, there are ways that you can reduce your chances of becoming a statistic and stay safe on the road. Read on to learn how to prevent car accidents in California!

Always Wear a Seat Belt 

Wearing a seat belt is a great way to avoid having to call a car accident injury attorney. Keeping a seat belt on while driving is estimated to save almost 15,000 lives annually.

Keeping buckled in allows you to stay in your car during an accident. This can prevent you from being ejected from the vehicle and suffering road rash or other serious bodily injuries.

News about accidents can be a scary thing to watch, so buckle up to keep you and your family safe and secure!

Pay Attention to Speed Limits

When you avoid violating the speed limits on roads and highways, you can save your money and your life. Depending on where you live and how fast you are driving over the speed limit, a ticket can cost you hundreds of dollars.

It can also send your insurance rates skyrocketing because an insurance company may view you as a bigger risk. When you drive at a slower rate of speed, you will have more time to react to changing road conditions.

These reduced speeds mean a potential car crash will be less forceful, which reduces your chances of injury. If you are hurt by another driver’s negligence, you may need to hire a car accident injury lawyer in your area.

Perform Routine Maintenance

Not all accidents are a result of driving too fast or not wearing a seat belt. Sometimes, failing to maintain your vehicle can contribute to the likelihood that you get into a crash.

Be sure that you keep track of how much tread is on your tires and pay attention to squeaky brakes or any trouble steering. When you drive too long on tires, you put yourself at risk for a blowout. If you lose your power steering ability, this can make it harder to turn your car.

Decrease the chances of a serious car accident by setting dates or mileage reminders for your routine maintenance check-ups.

Never Drink and Drive

Simply put, don’t drink and drive – ever. If you are driving a vehicle to a bar, restaurant, or social gathering, make you choose a designated driver. When you drink alcohol, it slows down your reaction time and can make you less aware of your surroundings.

These side effects are dangerous for driving – an activity that requires you to be alert at all times!

Avoid Car Accidents in California 

You can prevent car accidents in California by being a responsible driver. Acting responsibly begins long before you get behind the wheel and begin operating your car or truck.

Take care of your vehicle by performing routine maintenance to ensure it operates safely. When you are on the road, pay attention to other drivers and always abide by the law.

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